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 Belle and the Beast
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 Snow, the kind one. Cindy, the hard worker. Aurora, the elegant one.
Snow, the kind one. Cindy, the hard worker. Aurora, the elegant one.
I took a kura ya maoni and gathered some information to try and find the most common misconceptions about each princess. Let me start kwa saying that although this site is pretty hard on a lot of the princesses, this brings a lot of interesting discussions and topics to the table. Although, I do feel we need to go a little easier on the princesses as a whole. Well anyway, I'll begin. (btw, this is not a ranking, just a listing giving each princesses misconceptions) Also a special thanks to shanyuisboss, Mongoose09, Great_Lance30, rhythmicmagic, and zaidi for giving me suggestions for this article.

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I don't feel like uandishi tons of orodha of things I've written about before so I decided to write a inayopendelewa DP orodha and a prettiest DP orodha with not just my ranking of the princesses, but also with other rankings such as where the movie is placed for example. Hope you'll like this idea :)

11. Ariel
Just because she's my least inayopendelewa princess it doesn't mean that I hate her, no I like her, especially as a human, she's so hilarious and expressive, as a mermaid she annoys me a little bit, but I still like her. I just upendo the 10 above more

Prince: #8
He's nice, but doesn't have much of a personality...
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posted by bluethunder25
As most of wewe may know, Ariel is the only one of the Princesses to actually have a child; Melody. This gets me to thinking a very important question: what would happen if all the Disney Princesses had children?

First off, I'm not so sure about Merida right now, as she doesn't have a upendo interest at the moment, but as for the others, well.....it's somewhat possible for them to have their own kids.

The Disney Princesses stand as role models, mainly for girls, but role models nonetheless. So, with that being said, if all of them became parents, they could be role models for other parents in the...
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We all know Ariel isn't really the most favorable Disney Princess. Albeit all her adoring fans, there's also a tremendous amount of hate to come with that. There's no need to explain why to both, many mashabiki already established that, so why bring it up again?

Yes, the character hate is understandable...at least to a point. Up until the flaws have overshadowed the good in Ariel, au have been somewhat exaggerated.

So here're a few traits Ariel have, but seem to always go unnoticed

Ariel's caring nature

While this may seem a bit dubious, Ariel really does care. And it's a trait highlighted on her...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
 They've really changed these girls...
They've really changed these girls...
I saw that this countdown was done with the old designs, and I thought it would be fun to do it with the redesigns! Of course, this was a lot of fun because- well everyone knows these redesigns look nothing like the film characters did.

10. Cinderella
I think everybody knew cinderella would be the first to go. Everything about her look was changed. They gave her a very different face, an entirely new hairdo, and a dress that barely resembles the one that was used in her marketing before- which barely resembled the one in the movie. People alisema they made her look Barbie-fied and she looks nothing...
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posted by LupinPrincess
People seem to either hate characters that are full of flaws (ariel merida) au hate characters that are too perfect (Cinderella, belle)

I feel like this has to do with how the princess reflects on ourselves...even if we hate to admit it

we like flawed characters cuz they have similar flaws to ourselves, the are zaidi human...or we like perfection to look up to as a role model...

au we hate flaws and act like critics, wanting the princesses to be better, au we hate perfection because we feel undermined cuz we don't meet the same standard au maybe because it's un realistic

What kind of princess do wewe like more?
A girl that deals with the bad inside herself and learns kwa the end of the movie...or
a girl that is almost perfect that deals with the bad around them instead?

Very interesting stuff....

Any thoughts?
One of my biggest fandoms besides Disney Princesses is the Narnia series. I loved kusoma the vitabu when I was younger (though I never read The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair and The Last Battle) especially The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe so when the movie version came out in 2005 I couldn't wait to see the movie and a couple of weeks zamani I saw the movie again and I loved the movie very much. It's my 2nd inayopendelewa movie of all time and my inayopendelewa live action movie. One of my inayopendelewa things about the movie is The Pevernsie siblings, they all have different personalities so...
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 The Queen should've seen these other girls, she would've had a fit!
The queen should've seen these other girls, she would've had a fit!
This orodha is so hard because every princess is unique and pretty in their own way. Also, I still haven't really figured out how to add pictures, so please don't hold it against me!

10. Snow White

Aww, Snow! I really didn't want to put her last. She is just so sweet looking and it's just so perfect! I feel like her looks match her personality 100%. Sadly, compared to the other princesses she just doesn't do anything for me....but I'm sure if we'd come back to her in two au three years after she's matured she'd be beautiful.

9. Tiana

I really upendo Tiana! On the surface she looks really good, but...
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posted by Jayden-G
Everybody knows that Ariel and jimmy, hunitumia are probably the most similar pair out of the princesses. They both stand up against their fathers, both are outspoken a bit rebellious, and attractive teenagers , not adults. These two are the few teenage princesses, so their behaviours are zaidi emotionally based than the others. Let's look at their situations

Ariel has a slim, kind of curvy figure with long, thick red hair hat falls down to her waist. She is also a bit short, and has big blue eyes. In th beginning of her film, she goes above the sea to collect zaidi human artifacts, unknowingly...
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It is no secret the Disney’s Princess franchise is one of the most lucrative for young children today. It is the number one girls’ toy brand in the US and made profits of $4 billion in worldwide sales. Therefore, these characters are going to be role models for countless girls across the world. I want to look at what lessons children can take from these characters and stories that will be positive and why each of these characters can be a positive role model to girls- and boys, for that matter- of any age.

Snow White
Snow White has incredible emotional strength. She is able to handle everything...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
I always thought I was weird so I never thought I'd make one of these makala before but finally decided to before I ''leave'' Fanpop. I won't really quit this website, I will just be much less on it to be zaidi productive with other things in my life. I'm still planning on finishing my inayopendelewa Mulan characters makala though.

Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan, there are so many exciting scenes. I upendo everything about this movie; the score, characters, etc.

Hobbies: drawing, swimming, playing soccer

Education: College

Music I like: My inayopendelewa musician is Beyoncé and my inayopendelewa band is Queen.

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Quick descriptions for each placements. Hopefully it doesn't confuse you, tell me if so, I'll never do this again. If it's fine then I invite wewe to do this type of article.

10th Movie: Pocahontas
I have so many issues with this movie, I just cannot ignore the flaws. Though I upendo the animation, the score and the ending.

10th Princess: Aurora
Poor Aurora, I like her but her lack of screen time always puts her in disadvantage.

10th Prettiest: Snow White
Perhaps if she was older, she'd rank up but I'm just not a shabiki of her look to be honest. Though her lips are lovely.

9th Movie: Snow White and...
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When dimitri_is_hot made her orodha of the Disney Princes she'd settle down with I figured I'd do it too but with the Disney Princesses. It took a lot of thought to figure it out. Anyway please maoni about what wewe think and please keep in mind this is just my opinion.


I honestly don't think we would have any chemistry. Me and her don't really have anything in common, other than feeling like people treat us like we're still children, but other than that nothing really. I'm outspoken and a little rebellious while she's dependent and does what she's told. For me I prefer to have...
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It's weird to think I've been on fanpop for almost a whole year. In some ways, that seems like a really short amount of time considering how much at nyumbani I feel in this club. In other ways it feels like a really long time, since so much has happened since joining Fanpop. When I look back on how I was when I first joined Fanpop, I cringe a little inside. My opinions have changed so much since then, I think it's high time I rewrite my list. So here it goes! Enjoy.

10. Belle
Previous Position: 10

Belle of course hasn't moved at all. While I don't completely hate her any more, I don't really like...
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Another makala of mine, I really appreciate wewe guys taking the time to read them. Anyway here are my juu 10...

 10. Sleeping Beauty
10. Sleeping Beauty

Aurora finally reunited with her parents again and she just hugged them without inaonyesha much emotion. It also bothered me how the vichimbakazi were still changing Aurora's dress color. But it's a nice classic fairytale ending nevertheless.

 9. Princess and the Frog
9. Princess and the Frog

There was way too much going on that it lacked passion, Tiana was just all yay my dreams came true. It's higher than Sleeping Beauty because I thought the Down in New Orleans reprise was a really...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
So Mulan is my inayopendelewa Disney Princess movie but this is not about which movie I like more. It's about which movie is better objectively, I will try my best. I'm not going to nitpick every single little details because let's face it, no movie is really perfect. Besides, I hate going on and on because I'd rather cut to the chase. I'd upendo to read your agreements au disagreements.

 10. Pocahontas
10. Pocahontas

The film had a lot of potential, shame it did not live up to most people's expectations. I absolutely upendo the uhuishaji and score. But aside from those things, a lot of stuff happened out of nowhere....
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posted by BookWorm26
Chapter 1
It was an ideal place to have a picnic, go swimming, au eat an ice cream in North Carolina, but not such a good time for Emily Grimm. Sure she was going to spend the rest of her summer vacation in North Carolina with her crazy grandmother, but she wanted to go on the four week cruise with her family.

"Emily, I know that wewe don't want to be here, but it might be funnier than a cruise,"Her Dad said.

"Ya right!,"Emily muttered.

The car pulled up to a brick house. The driveway was neat, but there were no cars. Along the driveway there were irises and roses that were in different colors....
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 10th Place
10th Place
Series so far:

Favourite Ballgowns: link

Favourite Formal Dresses: link

10) Mulan's Green / Multi-coloured Dress

I don't like this dress. The juu green part really suits her so does the red sash. But the rest of the colours doesn't do her any favours.

9) Aurora's Cottage / Forest Dress

This is proof that Aurora looks good in any thing. It's a very plain dull looking dress, but Aurora's graceful movements and natural beauty make it seem elegant. But I can't put it any higher because the grey makes it too dreary!

8) Snow White's Forest Dress

I don't like the back-collar high neck piece. The skirt, upindo is...
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posted by BookWorm26
Beauty and The Beast
The actual story was written my a french author. Beauty(Belle) was rich and had snobby siblings. Her father Lost his job, and was finding his living. He stubbled upon a rose, and reminded him of Beauty. He plucked, and there is this Beast he's like "That rose is mine!" and then punishes him! So the father goes back and tells Beauty. She loves her father very much, and she wants to takes his place. In fact, the beast is perfectly fine with that. They grow upendo over time, and Beauty gets a letter. One of her sisters are getting married.She wants do go so the beast lents her...
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posted by Swanpride
Jessikaroo and I were recently talking about the uhuishaji in the Disney sinema and realized that this is one aspect which hasn’t really been discussed in the spot so far. And isn’t that what Disney makes different from most of the other studios, the quality of the animation? Yes, uhuishaji is not everything. One of the best sinema Disney ever made is “Robin Hood” and it is also the one with the worst uhuishaji kwa far. Well, that’s unfair. It is the cheapest animation, but it is not really bad for the budget they had. Even though the animators reused a lot of animation, not just from...
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