Disney Princess Countdown: Which DP is the most like a Mary Sue? Round 7- Choose the LEAST LIKE a Sue. (Eliminated kwa maoni explaining why!)

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Snow White
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AudreyFreak picked cinderella:
13. Merida
12. Tiana
11. Anna
10. Jasmine
9. Pocahontas
8. Ariel

A Mary Sue is an idealized character meant to be the Author Avatar (a character who shares traits with the author like name, appearance, beliefs, etc.) or a self-insert character for the reader to live through. Common Sue traits (note, having a few of these to a degree doesn’t necessarily make a true Sue):

-Exceptionally popular/gets lots of attention, even if the Sue is *supposed* to be shy, anti-social, or socially awkward. People are drawn to her, her advice is great, and she’s trusted fairly quickly.

-Only people who challenge or dislike the Sue are portrayed as mean, stupid, or villainous (and usually get a comeuppance)

-Has no real flaws, or ones that are meant to be endearing and relatable (popular ones are clumsiness, temper, awkward, and stubbornness) that are justified by the author or not even intentionally written. These ‘flaws’ will ONLY help her, never hurt her because she’s always right. (For example, she’s rightfully stubborn against something bad or she loses her temper on someone who deserves it.)

-She doesn’t have to suffer consequences for selfish, bad, or reckless behavior

-Exceptionally beautiful, often with exotic traits like unusual coloring meant to make her stand out physically.

-Magical tools/weapons

-Magical abilities/traits like wings, healing factor, immortality, etc.

-Unusual pet(s)

-is a Woobie (has a tragic past or crappy life) but is still perfect/likable despite what happened.

-Exceptionally talented or good at things the author deems good. The Sue might be bad at things the author considers stupid (girly things like sewing, fashion, etc. but good at “boyish” stuff or things outside the norm like fighting, reading, or weapons are common). Even if the talent/skill isn’t realistic for the time period (like being a scholar or warrior when you're a medieval peasant, for example).

-Usually or always get their way even when she’s actually in the wrong. Never gets called out for being wrong, but if they do, the person calling them out is portrayed as a jerk (see above). If she does do something wrong, she’s remorseful and is instantly forgiven.

-Good fashion sense, even if she’s meant to be a rough-and-tumble type or one who doesn’t care about clothes and is effortlessly attractive. Male characters will often comment on how they like this about her.

-Is a Special Snowflake who “isn’t like the other girls”. Something unique, physically or personality-wise, sets her apart from everyone else.

-A Friend to All Living Things. Animals like her and she loves everyone and forgives their imperfections. Willing to protect or risk all for someone she just met recently.

Summed up, the Mary Sue is meant to stand out from everyone else in a good way and is generally portrayed as the ideal character/role model, very cool and universally relatable, usually. Anyone who dislikes the Sue is the one portrayed as in the wrong.
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Silverrose1991 picked cinderella:
And then Elsa. Cinderella has some of the Sue criteria, but is a realistic and flawed character who does suffer consequences from her mistakes (for example, she gets locked in the attic after humming the waltz from the ball in front of her stepmother). She is also not the "do-it-all/need-no-help" kind of character.
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dimitri_ said:
I know I haven't been participating and I feel bad but it's because I don't have a perfect perception of what a Mary Sue is. I know what it is but it's hard for me to judge the DPs when none of them really are. I just gotta say...

I think Cinderella is very idealized for a woman of her time period, her flaws wouldn't have been considered like ''real flaws'' back then. Plus, she is wayyyy more beautiful than all of the other females in her movie, who are all ugly and all mean to her which makes us root for her and only her all the way through. Her life is crappy as heck but she never stoops on her steps' level.
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Silverrose1991 picked cinderella:
^Yeah, but like I said, I think the others are a bit more Sue-ish, though none are real sues. Perhaps I'm being a bit biased, but...
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Tygers_Eye picked Mulan:
Oh come on! You mean Ariel got voted off? Come on! She's more like a Sue than most Disney princesses. She treats everyone like dirt yet the narrative and characters all fawn over her and treat her like she's the most special and important thing that ever existed. I call bull!

I vote Mulan again, as she should have been voted off sooner.
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Frozenswift picked Mulan:
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BKG201 picked Mulan:
she should be gone by now
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3xZ picked cinderella:
She's not a Mary Sue. When she's daydreaming Prince Charming, she's kind of... Loony... XD
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LightningWhite picked cinderella:
Cinderella has some Sue traits, like:
- Being a Woobie
- Has unusual pets
- People who oppose her are portrayed as mean
- Never selfish (but she suffers a lot!)
- A friend to all living things

But she also has not-Sue traits, like:
- No special talents
- No magical ability, weapons
- Not actually popular (I think she's the quiet type)
- Not exceptionally beautiful (blondes with blue eyes are common)
- Doesn't always get her way
- Not a special snowflake
- Has real flaws (like getting really pessimistic when her dreams seems not coming true, a bit of sour grape, sometimes complaining about her life)

This is getting even harder.
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AudreyFreak picked cinderella:
Hmm, I never thought about what Tygers said. Though I don't think Ariel really treats people THAT badly. She acts selfishly because she doesn't take others into consideration and is way too impulsive, but I don't think she's ever intentionally mean.
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