Disney Princess The Most Beautiful DP Castle. FINALE. Pick your least favorite. Elimination in maoni

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Agrabah's ngome
Eric's ngome
 anukriti2409 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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anukriti2409 picked Agrabah's ngome:
1. ?
2. ?
3. Prince Charming's castle
4. Beast's castle
5. Emperor's castle in Mulan
6. Atlantica City's Castle
7. Corona's Castle from Tangled
8. Evil Queen's Castle
9. Arendelle Castle
10. King Stefan and Queen Leah's Castle
11. Ice Castle
12. Dunbroch's castle

I simply love Eric's castle, the location right next to a lovely beach, the rooms have that beautiful warm light, not overly royal and have elegance yet personal at the same time. The small balconies, such a unique bathroom, i love it <3

I love the outside structure of Agrabah's castle and the gardens. Inside, it is again too royal and stately. It definitely has its wow elements like Jasmine's bedroom with a super huge balcony where i could imagine looking upto moon. I don't really like the throne room much, too huge and too empty.
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wavesurf picked Agrabah's ngome:
I don't exactly like the huge columns of Agrabah's castle. I was not impressed with Jasmine's bedroom alone. The elephant throne looks weird, as the sultan is sitting in his lap. And while the gardens are kind of nice, the whole castle just sits back from a very busy town area. And it's located in the Middle East, where it is hot!

I would like to be near the ocean. And I adore the dining room with its floor to ceiling windows which let in a lot of natural light. Everywhere, from the bathroom to the bedroom, to the dining room and hallway has the ocean motif. It's beautiful, and I love beaches, and the smell of the ocean.
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MaidofOrleans picked Agrabah's ngome:
I picked this not because I dislike Agrabah's castle but because I ADORE Eric's castle. The seaside setting is just so perfect! What a beautiful place to live.
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NCISLuverjk93 picked Agrabah's ngome:
It's nice but I think Eric's is my favorite. <33
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AudreyFreak picked Eric's ngome:
I prefer many of the others. this seems to be the one shot we get of it too.
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tiffany88 picked Eric's ngome:
I really love Eric's castle but mostly the outside view. The interior isn't my favorite and inconsistent. Example where is the huge dinning room? We saw that it has huge windows and those have view to the sea but outside the castle we can't see this room with the windows anymore. ?

the Agrabah palace in the other hand, unique, charming, detailed and put together nicely. I love the shape of the towers and the whole palace's mood. I love the interior in the rooms, especially that all of the rooms represents their owners. Jasmine's bird cage bedroom, the Sultan's toy room and Jafar's red private room.
And my personal favorite, after Jasmine's gorgeous bedroom, is the garden with the enormous marble fountain <333 Seriously, that's the most beautiful thing in the animated world XD

Agrabah palace:link
Eric's castle:link
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dancing_dear picked Agrabah's ngome:
Its absolutely gorgeous and spacious but Eric's castle is right on the ocean and you can't beat a beach front view.
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laylastepford picked Agrabah's ngome:
I really love the courtyard, balcony and Jasmine's room in Agrabah's castle. I also really like the way the red and bluish colors all blend together in the art inside as I think it's really beautiful.

However I adore just about everything about Eric's castle. I love all of the artwork and plant life used in the decoration throughout. I love the overall architecture of Eric's castle more than Agrabah's. I love that it's right on the ocean and they can watch the sunset with dinner. How serene and peaceful! I also love the big balcony that Eric plays with Max on, especially at night underneath the stars. It's gorgeous! I love that it has such a huge kitchen and I adore the unique bathroom that is the most perfect bubble bath looking tub! <3 I also love the many windows which allows for much more natural light to come in. I also love that it's on the edge of the town so they are just a quick ride away from any town entertainment. :)
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