Disney Princess Which Is Your inayopendelewa Non Couple First Meeting (Only Counting The Princess Meeting Someone Else)?

Pick one:
Snow White meets the Dwarfs
Snow White meets the Old Hag
cinderella meets The Fairy Godmother
Ariel meets Max
Ariel meets Flotsam & Jetsam
Ariel meets Ursula
Belle meets Mrs Potts, Chip and Wardrobe
Belle meets Lumiére and Cogsworth
jimmy, hunitumia meets Abu
jimmy, hunitumia meets Carpet
Mulan meets Mushu
Mulan meets Yao, Chien Po and Ling
Tiana meets Louis
Tiana meets ray
Tiana meets Mama Odie
Tiana meets Dr Facilier
Rapunzel meets Maximus
Merida meets The Witch
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