Disney Princess Which cinderella reference in Enchanted is your favorite?

Pick one:
Storybook opening
Giselle's personality
Cinderella's servant clothes on troll's loincloth
Mary Ilene Caselotti's last name referencing Ilene Woods
Giselle's carriage looking like Cinderella's pumpkin, boga carriage
Giselle and morgan mentioning Fairy Godmothers and magic ending at midnight
Robert calling Edward Prince Charming like Cinderella's prince
Edward putting Giselle's slipper on Nancy's foot
wanyama helping make dresses
Nancy Tremaine referencing Lady Tremaine
Giselle will die from the poison unless she's kissed kwa midnight
When Giselle Scrubs the floor bubbles float around her and reflect her
Narissa being an evil stepmother
cinderella storybook in Morgan's room
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