Disney Princess Which princess is the most promiscuous?

Pick one:
Them vichimbakazi think they know me. I gotta hottie w/a body waiting in the forest.
Papa, do wewe think I'm odd? For wanting to take all three triplets at once?
It's not so much Eric's legs I like. It's that thing dangling between 'em.
So this is love? Hmmm...not worth the wait. I'm zaidi into lust...
What Aladin doesn't know won't hurt him. Coming, Jafar, baby!
Naveen thinks I'm so innocent. But he doesn't know me like that.
Someday my prince will come. But until then, the dwarfs will tide me over.
Okay, I should dress like a man zaidi often. VIP access to Shang's pecks.
Screw Kocoum, Smith and Rolfe. I'm actually into Nakoma.
 dweeb posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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