Disney Princess Many people think Belle is drawn inconsistently, in which part of the movie do wewe find her the prettiest?

Pick one:
During "Belle" song
When she talks to Maurice
When Gaston proposes her
During "Belle reprise"
When Belle goes through the forest and arrives to the ngome
When Belle climbs up in the dungeons
When Belle is heading to her new room
Belle in her new room
During "Be our guest"
During West wing scene
When Belle runs away from Beast
When Belle is helping Beast with his wound
When Beast gives her a maktaba
When she has breakfast with Beast
In "Something there"
When she learns Beast to read
When Belle comes down from the stairs
During "Beauty and the Beast"
When they talk on the balcony
When Beast lets her go
When she reunites with her father
Before "Mob song"
When she helps the Beast
During transformation
In the end
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