Disney Princess Which is your ujumla, jumla inayopendelewa DP villain outfit?

Pick one:
Dr. Facilier's outfit
Gaston's common outfit
Gaston's wedding outfit
Jafar's common outfit
Jafar's prisoner outfit
Jafar's wizard outfit
Lady Tremaine's blue dress
Lady Tremaine's nightgown
Lady Tremaine's purple dress
Lady Tremaine's red dress
Maleficent's outfit
Mother Gothel's outfit
The Queen's hag outfit
The Queen's royal outfit
Ratcliffe's armor
Ratcliffe's golden outfit
Ratcliffe's purple outfit
Ratcliffe's red outfit
Shan Yu's outfit
Ursula's underwated "outfit"
Vanessa's purple beach, pwani dress
Vanessa's wedding kanzu, kanzu, gown
Vanessa's wedding preparation dress
 BelleAnastasia posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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