Disney Princess What villain's mistake was the most dumb one? [SPOILERS]

Pick one:
She knows that the apple's spell can be broken kwa a kiss and still uses it.
She didn't notice when the mice got the key au that Cindy had other slipper.
She went to sleep and didn't think that the vichimbakazi could be up to something.
She made the sunk ships emerge not realizing that Eric could use one.
He thought he could defeat the beast and didn't hold on while hurting him.
He falls for Aladdin's "Genie" trick.
He shoots Chief Powathan even seeing that the men wouldn't be favorable.
He tries to defeat the Emperor with very few men.
He was defeated kwa a frog while trying to get the necklace.
She doesn't realize that Flynn could cut Rapunzel's hair.
 AnimaIuco posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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