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The Working Song

I'm Not A Girl

Lean On Me

Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes

Enchanted l Behind-the-Scenes Featurette "Disney Magic"

The muziki of Enchanted with Amy Adams

Amy Adams - "Enchanted" Interview

"That's How wewe Know" from Disney's Enchanted (Full Clip)

Dancing Queen

jimmy, hunitumia - wewe Got Me

Aladin and jimmy, hunitumia - I'm Gonna Make wewe upendo Me

Pocahontas: Colors of the Wind (Sing Along)

Aladin: A Whole new World (sing along)

Sleeping Beauty: Once upon a dream (sing along)

Hercules: I won't say I'm in upendo (sing along)

Mulan: Reflection (Sing Along)

Mulan: Honour to us all (sing along)

Mulan: A girl worth fighting for

Mulan: I'll make a man out of wewe

Mulan: Pretend to be Nice

Mulan: I am what I am

Disney Princesses: Get up

Disney Princesses: Someone is Waiting

Disney Princess: the 12 Days of krisimasi

Disney Princess: She's so High Above me

Disney Princess: My upendo is your upendo

Disney Princess: Fantasmic Princess Song

Disney Princesses:If wewe can Dream

Cinderella: Look after wewe

Cinderella: The voice within

Cinderella: Somebody to upendo

Cinderella: Kiss the Girl

Cinderella: I still believe

Cinderella: Please Remember

Disney Princesses: I still believe in upendo

Disney Princess: Beat of my moyo

Disney Princesses--Moondance

Beauty and the Beast - "The Transformation"

Everytime We Touch *Slow*

Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses: Gonna Be fine

Disney Princesses: I belong to me

Disney Princesses: If wewe can dream

Disney Princesses: Hero

Hercules: From this moment

Disney Princesses: Miss Independent

Beauty and the Beast

Unwritten: The little Mermaid

cinderella - A Dream is a Wish Your moyo Makes *Sing Along*

cinderella - Beautiful

Snow White - Bring Me to Life

Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon a Dream

Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon Another Dream

Sleeping Beauty - Start of Something New

Melodies of Life

Aladin and jimmy, hunitumia - I'm With wewe

The Little Mermiad - Part of Your World *Reprise*

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast - Something There

Beauty and the Beast - Belle

Disney Princess Tribute

The siku I Fall In upendo

It's Your upendo

This I Promise wewe

I'll Be

If We Were A Movie - the Little Mermaid

upendo Just Is

Right Here, Right Now

There wewe Are

How To Save A Life

Kiss the Girl

My Kind of Girl


What If

I Need wewe

upendo Again

Open Your Eyes to upendo

I Believe In wewe and Me

Ready for upendo

Everytime We Touch

Because wewe Loved Me

My moyo Will Go On

Never Had a Dream Come True

Keep Holding On

Let Me onyesha wewe the Way

Wherever wewe Are

When wewe Wish Upon A nyota

Disney Princess Skit

Once Upon a dream: Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses: If wewe can dream

upendo of a life time:Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses and Anastasia

♪ Part Of Your World ♪

Torn - princesses Disney

Disney Princesses - "Crash and Burn"


Where Dreams Begin

Imperfect Girl

The Princess All the Bad Boys Want.

Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon A Dream