First i just want to make it clear that this is not a juu 10 orodha but rather a orodha of my inayopendelewa songs from 10 different movies, which means that they are not in a specific order and they are only my inayopendelewa from their specific movie.

muziki is a very important part in almost every single Disney film to date, with only a few exeptions like "The Black Cauldron" and "Treasure Planet" and i think it is only natural to choose vipendwa among the songs.

Ok then lets get started,
The first of the sinema is my all time inayopendelewa Disney movie Beauty and the Beast and the song Something There

I upendo this song and i see it as a great way to onyesha friendship slowly turning into upendo and we also get some laughs with the snowballfight between Belle and The Beast.
This song is very short and sweet but some people say that this is the worst song in the movie among other thing because of Belle´s voice, but i can´t understand why.

inayofuata is my inayopendelewa from The Huncback Of Notre-Dame: Out There
This song is simply amazing, it is meant to onyesha people how lonely Quasimodo is and how much he wants to be out in the real world like everyone else.
The reason why i like it is because i can relate to the feeling of wanting to belong to something and i upendo the power the song have when i hear it.

inayofuata is my inayopendelewa from Tarzan Son of Man
This was a difficult choice since i like the song "Strangers like me" just as much.
This one is great because it is a fast way of inaonyesha how much Tarzan needs to improve and learn in order to feel good about himself and i think that its message is take the time to grow up and learn, and if iam right that is a very important lesson.

inayofuata is the song I will Make a man out of you from Mulan
This song is very powerful and i upendo how ironic it is since Mulan can´t become a man since she is a woman, to me that is hilarious and it have a really great score and the lyrics are great.

inayofuata we have A Whole new world
This is romantic and and the uhuishaji that goes with it is the most amazing out of all the Disney songs on this list.

Here is a song from the Lion King I just can´t wait to be king
What can i say it is hilarious and really captures Simba´s naive look of how it will be when he becomes king, and who can say that Rowan Atkinson as Zazu isn´t funny?

What can i say? I just like this song and i have no idea why! Maybe it is because of the fact that it is Gospel and i usually don´t listen to that...well what ever the reason this song is awesome.

inayofuata is Part of that world I upendo this for the same reason as i upendo out there, and this is one of the few songs that is funny and beautiful at the same time.
Another reason is that it does exactly what a musical number is supposed to do, introduce the characters personality and desires.

I don´t know the name of this song and i don´t understand a single word but i still upendo it, It feels like a very happy song that shows how wonderful life can be if wewe let it.

And lastly i think i will use a classic, Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book
Happy go lucky kubeba sing an awesome song xD Need i say more?

Well i hope wewe enjoyed this one ^^