1.Megara and Hades-Never really understood the whole Meg and Hades thing,especially since he just would not go away!He followed Meg around everywhere and would not leave her alone,although of course he's gonna be everywhere,that's his job.But still,i think Hades is a stalker.I was so glad he finally found someone else in House of Mouse.
2.Jasmine and Jafar-Same reason as the top,except Jafar never followed jimmy, hunitumia around everywhere like Hades did.I was also glad he found someone else in House of Mouse.
3.Phillip and Maleficent-Same reason as 1 and 2.
4.Esmeralda and Frollo-Never really understood the whole Esmeralda and Frollo thing,especially since Frollo went to great lengths as to make Esmeralda his,so one word:YUCK!
5.Pocahontas and Ratcliffe-At least this one isn't nearly as bad as the other four,but still i never really understood the Pocahontas and Ratcliffe thing
6.Belle and Gaston-Never really understood the whole Belle and Gaston thing,so one word:YUCK!
7.Jane and Clayton-Don't really know what to say about this one.
8.Jane and Captain Hook-Also don't really know what to say about this one.
9.Eilonwy and The Horned King-Not really sure if they interacted with each other au not,so i'm gonna have to say i have no idea on this one.
10.Kida and Commander Rourke-This one in a way reminds me of Pocahontas and Ratcliffe,how that Kida is Pocahontas and Commander Rourke is Ratcliffe.