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 "Who's that handsome guy?"
"Who's that handsome guy?"
Alright,as wewe may all know back in December I made my "Getting to know Renegade1765" article,but as time went by,I became pretty unsatisfied with the article,so I'm making this makala as a updated version of it because most of my makala are great,but that one is the one that I'm not very satisfied with.
First of all,I will be very honest this time and I will go into zaidi detail about myself.
Second,I will explain "My Origins","My Personality","My Fears","My Likes",My Lists","My Dislikes" and "My Dreams".
Third,everything in this new makala is 100% true,I didn't make this up,I'm telling the truth.
Alright,I won't stall wewe anymore,let's start:

My Origins.
My name is Gergely Kristof Bela (but I prefer Chris)and I'm a teenage Hungarian boy who lives in the country of Romania.I was born in a town called Lipova but I live in the town of Ghioroc with my parents,grandparents and great-grandma.My father lives in a neighboring town called Cuvin,he's just 8 dakika away and sometimes when my parents say I have to deliver something to my father au when I go to him on Sundays to have some quality time together.My father lives separate from us because he doesn't like my old folks.My mother is nurse and my father is a carpenter,and they both work in a neighboring city called Arad.Two years ago,my father's mother died because she was very old and she had an accident,because of that,every night my mother goes to Cuvin so my father could have a bit of a companionship,seeing how my grandmother was the only companionship he had.the reason why he stayed with her it's because she was old and he didn't want her to get hurt.When I'm alone,my grand-parents take care of me.
The reason why I chose the jina la mtumiaji Renegade1765 it's because I'm a loner and I wanted a word that would describe it.

My Personality.
This is where it starts to get a little depressing.As wewe may all know,I'm a very introverted person,I almost never open up to anybody around me.When my other goes to work au Cuvin,I'm the ruler of my own kingdom.Sometimes I do my homework(well not now because it's summer-vacation) and stay at my laptop.If wewe read my awali makala then wewe know that I have a lot in common with Elsa and Anna from Frozen.I'm a lot like Elsa because I'm very distant.If wewe ask why,then I'll tell you.I have two reasons why.The first one being that I don't want other to get hurt.I have very big anger issues and sometimes others pay price for it.One time me and my parents went on a field trip on the hills,I was sitting down and my father was standing right inayofuata to me,holding a big stick,but he accidentally dropped it on me,and I was so furious that I grabbed the stick and I hit his leg hard with it,even though I didn't wanted to.One time in my school one punk who annoyed me to no ends pissed me off and I threw my pencil-holder at him,but instead I threw onto the shoulder of a girl who was a friend of mine(at school only). One time we went mini-golfing,and my father was standing right-next to me,and I accidentally hit him in the eye with the golf bat.Because of that,I became an introvert,when I'm somewhere else like school,I try to hold back my emotions because I'm afraid I'll get loose and hurt someone.And my sekunde reason why I'm so introverted is because,almost everyone around me is an annoying brat with no sense of empathy.The girls are the only ones I can reason with but even them can be annoying at times.Let me explain,because I'm a lot like Elsa,I'm a very quiet,well-behaved,intelligent,organized and the most mature kid in my school.I don't complain,I don't interrupt the class,I don't eat during class,I clean up my room,I listen to my parents.But others,these are just the devil's anus(sorry about that). But having one siku in the week where they don't act like undisciplined asses is impossible.I'm very distant from everyone around me because I can't identify with anyone.Boys are all interested in sex,smoking,looking cool and just interrupting the class over and over again.I mean if I showed them Grave of the Fireflies,one of my inayopendelewa sinema of all time,they wouldn't care about it and just call it lame.And the girls aren't any better either.You see,when I was in 6th and 7th grade,there was a girl who helped me a lot in the past and I started to have a crush on her.But when I got to my 8th grade,guess what happened,she went with a boy who's just an ass-kisser(sorry about that). My mother told me that she was not worth it and that she's liking his ass(again,sorry about that). And on Facebook when I sometimes asked her to help me when I forgot what my homework was,ever since the beginning of the 8th grade,she didn't even respond to any of them.Back in November we took pictures of each other,and most of the girls dressed themselves as hookers.Sometimes in class they even shake their asses to annoying rap/dubstep music.We even got albums with pictures of each other and we could write in it.But she didn't write for me.And wherever that boy goes,she went with him.I honestly would have taken a bullet for her because I did care about her,but now,even is she's nice to me,she became the loyal dog of a cheater.
Back in February,my parents have written me into a new school,and one of my older class-mates was there too.And she helped me out a lot,but just like everyone else,she leans to the bad-boy types.Even if I could identify with women more,I never got why they are so attracted to the bad-boys.They're nothing but insecure brutes who ngumi, punch first and ask maswali later and probably only cares about your good looks and would abandon wewe when the situation would get serious.Why would anyone want to be with that?Well if I was a girl,I would never,ever want to be someone like that.I'm a gentle,smart,caring person,I can take care of myself and I care a lot about other people,more so than myself.I'm also very kind and warm,despite being an introvert.Because of that,I'm not very romantic,a bit horny,but wewe get the idea.Every time I feel like I'm starting to fall in upendo with someone,well,I'd forget about it and drop the bimbo before she gets the chance to break my moyo and crush my dreams.I'm sorry if I sounded rude,but it's true.A relationship should be about two people caring about each other,not just caring about each others appearances.
That's why,I know I'm going to shock a lot of people with this,but I hate the story of Romeo and Juliet.Why?Well all that happens is that they meet,suddenly they upendo one another even though they know nothing about themselves.Their parents are waring kingdoms who say they can't be together so they take each others lives instead.
I personally find this to be a very stupid and shallow story.I mean they no chemistry whatsoever.Even Bella and Edward from Twilight have zaidi chemistry(but that doesn't mean I like those movies,heck no). Like I said,true romance comes from knowing one another so we could from bonds together.
wewe see,in December 18th I met with a Hebrew guy on YoutTube.His name is Dan and he's also a loyal Frozen shabiki who relates a lot to Elsa.Whenever I see a new criticism about it that I haven't seen,I ask him and he gives me his opinion that I can agree with.He's practically my best friend on the internet,despite the fact that he's 5 years older than me.But even then,as the times went by,I actually started to look at him as the older brother I never had.He's a really nice a person and even though he's older than me,I'm glad to have him as my friend.It turns out he's also into other things I'm in too,like Yu-Gi-Oh!,Transformers,Lego,etc.Whenever I make an article,I onyesha it to him,and when he has time he reads it and tells me his opinion about it.
But just like Elsa I can be very insecure and not always make the right decisions.For instance,when I was in Arad to an art school for my afternoon art class,when I was done,I walked out but I forgot that I had to wait for my father so we could go nyumbani on train.Because I thought I will miss the train,I rushed to the train station(I memorized where it was because I was there before). My phone had no power and I couldn't call anyone with my tablet,so when I arrived at the station,my father wasn't there,after standing in a line nervously that I would miss the train,I bought a ticket,ran to the train and waited for it go.Ten dakika later my father found me on the train and scolded me big time.He alisema that if I do something this stupid again he will confiscate my laptop,phone and tablet and will only give it back when I'm in 9th grade.I told him that I forgot that I had to wait for him and I thought I will miss the train.I was focusing so much on the tutor that I forgot that I had to wait for him.When he was scolding me,I felt very stupid and worthless.You see,I have anxiety and depression and because of that whenever my teachers au my parents yell at me for messing up,I feel completely worthless and stupid.Almost like I'm nothing but a burden to them.
I really don't like to study because it frustrates me a lot and I hate being stressed.I'm a peace-loving person.When I'm studying with my mother,we argue a lot and leads to lots of yelling.But my father alisema that at least he was happy that I could take care of myself.
I'm also very artistic and I can be a poised gentleman.Like I alisema I'm a peace-loving person.But I can be mischievous and playful too.But I chose to focus on being zaidi of a serious person.
I'm also a lot like Anna as well.I'm very imaginative,clumsy,stubborn,awkward,ignorant and I can be energetic at times but only when I see something funny and I hate rudeness.
But I'm not the smiley type because for someone like me,getting invested in everything is rather difficult.But I can be very playful.Such as when we're partying,I'm very energetic when I dance,and when I dance,everyone is surprised how much spirit I have.You should see me dancing,I'm a monster.Almost as if I drank a whole barrel of the movie Rush Hour(sorry if that sounded stupid).
wewe see,because almost everyone around me is unlikeable(except my family),Elsa and Anna are probably the people who would understand what I'm going through.You see,Frozen wasn't always my movie obsession,heck when I first saw it I barely liked it.A lot of wewe know that I became obsessed with Frozen after I re-watched it ,but that's not true.Back in October 7th,I started to form a crush on Elsa,and from that point on,I dug up so much information about her and the movie,that it seems like everyday I start to appreciate the movie zaidi and more.Yes it has problems,but all Disney movie have problems,and Frozen is no exception.Elsa and Anna,as well as Kristoff,are practically me.Kristoff has a lot in common with me,not just the fact that we're both animal people and share the same name.But he's a grumpy guy with a moyo of dhahabu who cares a lot about the people around him who onyesha kindness to him.That's me!
And I'm an animal person.One of my fears is seeing innocent wanyama being tortured.But we'll expend on this later.
I'm also emotionally vulnerable.You see,since I became obsessed with Frozen,Elsa and Anna literally became not only my two inayopendelewa movie characters,but inayopendelewa characters period.And whenever I see people criticizing them,because they're a lot like me,I take them like insults against me.Almost as if they're saying they're criticism about me,and it hurts a lot.Especially when they're attacking the fans,almost as if they're saying that the people who praise them are idiots.This is another reason why I tend to avoid the hate maoni about them.Ever since I became obsessed with it,I started to meet other people who are loyal mashabiki of the movie and I became Marafiki with them.
And also,a lot of wewe may know that Let It Go is my inayopendelewa Disney song and one of my inayopendelewa songs of all time.
Believe it au not,but one siku when I searched and makala about Elsa that alisema something positive about her,and I bumped into makala kwa "dclairmont" called "Why I upendo Elsa",and I found out about fanpop and that's how I started my fanpop career.
So yes,without Frozen I wouldn't have ended up here.
And I know what wewe might be thinking:
"But Chris,if Frozen means so much to you,why isn't it your inayopendelewa Disney movie?"
Well,I was asking myself that too,I even wanted to put it at least as my sekunde favorite,but here's the thing.A lot of wewe know that The Hunchback of Notre Dame is my inayopendelewa Disney movie.But if I'm honest here I would like to put Frozen as my sekunde favorite.But I decided to put it as my fourth favorite,only behind Wreck-it Ralph(because I'm fascinated kwa video-games,but I don't play them) and Beauty and the Beast because it was my childhood movie growing up.
One thing wewe also should know that except in my "What I like and dislike about Frozen" article,I don't swear that much,and even if I do I apologize because I think for someone my age is kind of rude.And wewe also must have noticed that in the makala where I describe something that I dislike yet others like,I always apologize because just like with the criticism to Elsa and Anna hurts me,I don't want others to feel the same,that's why at least give a sincere apology because I don't want to sound insensitive.And yes I do know that in my Fullmetal Alchemist makala I didn't really apologize and that's because I was angry when I wrote that and I let out my anger on the article.So sorry if I offended someone who read it.For example,in my "Why I don't like The Lion King" makala I apologized there too,because I'm aware that many people upendo that movie and I understand it but it's just not that great in my opinion.I thought the movie that came two years after,The Hunchback of Notre Dame was much zaidi ground-breaking and took a lot zaidi chances.In my eyes,Beauty and the Beast and yes,even Frozen are better.And I'm sorry if I upset someone,but it's just my opinion.
And if wewe read my awali makala than wewe know that most of my makala I end with the line "Smell 'ya Later".That's because I'm a big Pokemon shabiki and in gen1 of the games your rival Blue always alisema this line before he left.And because I thinkl it's a cool line,I decided to use it myself.
But despite my insecurities and flaws,I can be a poised gentleman and I am quite smart.When I rushed to the train station I mentioned earlier,I thought that because my father wasn't outside,he must be at the station waiting for me,and because I didn't know what time it was I rushed so I wouldn't miss the train.Even if,just like Elsa I don't always make the right decision,my intention is still there.
But just because I'm an introverted person,doesn't mean that all I do is mope and dope.You see,I really upendo my family,so whenever they ask me to help them with the chores and to do my homework au go to kitanda when they say it,I always keep my word and I behave because I don't want others to think that that I'm a selfish,lazy person.
My parents,especially my mother can be very strict when I don't keep my word.You see,even though I am quite smart,I'm also very forgetful at times which caused me lots of trouble.For instance,when my mother told me that I had to do six tests at nyumbani to prepare myself for a test on Friday,I only did two because I thought I only had to do two.And when my mother found out that I only did two,she was so angry that we learned for the test until 11:00 PM.And guess what,next day,when it was the siku of that test,they let us go nyumbani earlier and we didn't do the test.When I heared that my moyo shattered because it automatically told me,that I just wasted my Goddamn(sorry about that) time.I prepared myself so much and what did I get in return,bragging rights.
I have a fear of disappointing the ones who I care about and the ones who put their faith in me because it makes me fell like I'm nothing but a burden to them.That's why back in my 5th grade when we did the semester final exam in Romanian,I barely knew anything,and I started crying because I felt like I disappointed my mother.And to me,that's one of the things I would never,ever want to do.Because of that whenever we do a test I'm always afraid that I will mess it up and flunk.
And I also have a problem to control my emotions.You see,like Elsa,I hold back my emotions for a reason.I'm afraid if I get angry around them and hurt them.But wewe see,in my awali school,almost everyone poked fun of my emotions.One time two primitives wouldn't live me alone and constantly pushed a chair between my feet and it annoyed me.Because they wouldn't stop I got so angry that I threw the chair at them when they ran away,and the class-master scolded me.And the way nyumbani two punks alisema that I was gay when I'm not.You see,I can't stand gayness.I'm alright with lesbians.But gayness just creeps me out.Every time when I see something gay related it reminds me of all those horrible times when they would call me gay when I'm not.Just because I'm a bit ladylike and have long hair doesn't automatically make me gay.Because of that I became homophobic because it feels like as if gayness is Darth Vader trying to convince to jiunge the dark side.
And one time when a boy burped in class they all thought that it was me when I would never do that.They wouldn't even believe me.And a former class-mate of mine made fun of me on Facebook and my mother told me to reply back to him even if I didn't care much about it.So when my class-master saw what happened,she scolded us both.I wanted to explain that I did as my mother said,but they would never believe me if I alisema that.So kept being quiet while she lectured me when I was the innocent.So yes,my former school was very mean and unfair.
So when my mother transferred me to a different school.It was actually better.But only kwa a hair because the children,or as I like to call them "Primitives"were all annoying and obnoxious and they wouldn't even get any consequences for it.And the worst part is that they would never shut up.The teachers and the class master were much nicer and zaidi fair.
I'm also a bit addicted to my laptop,but that's because I can barely identify with anyone.The only ones I can are the teachers.But that's because I'm the most well-behaved and they put the most trust in me.You guys don't know how much I want leave this place au at least have Elsa and Anna kwa my side.Both of them have very realistic personalities,and they would be the ones I can identify with the most.Even though I'm down-to-earth,I really wish they were real,or at be least imaginary Marafiki of mine.Sometimes,when the situation is hard,sometimes I imagine they're right inayofuata to me so they can encourage me and calm me down.I saw so much of myself in them that it almost felt like as if Frozen was made for me.And I'm very,very thankful of that.My entire image gallery on my laptop is full of Elsa and Anna images.And because I'm a loner and I have a crush on Elsa,and seeing how much we're alike,Elsa definitely the dream girl I always waited for,even if she's fictional.If you're aware of the deleted dressing room scene that was cut from the movie,well,if it wasn't cut then it probably would've ended up as my sekunde inayopendelewa scene(second inayofuata to the Let It Go sequence). Why? Because that's the scene where I saw myself the most in Elsa.Almost as if she was meant to be the character I always wanted.
And I know that wewe might think I'm obsessed with them,but I don't call that obsession.More like devotion to something wewe upendo the most.
And because I was sitting at the laptop for so long,I became kind of a nerd.You know,the type of nerd who knows a lot about video-games,movies,cartoons,comic-books,trading card games and lots of trivia about other things.But others aren't interested in it.That's also a reason why I don't like where I live.Like back in 2013 when Pokemon X and Y was released I was very excited because it alisema it will be released worldwide,so I though that I might get to have my first Pokemon game in my hands.I could only play Pokemon games through downloading them and playing them on an emulator.But it turns out that where I live it can't be found.I was very disappointed because Pokemon is practically my inayopendelewa franchise period and I was waiting six months for the 6th Generation to hit store shelf's.Because of that,I completely Lost hope.
But,my inayopendelewa anime of all time,Fullmetal Alchemist(2003) taught me a lesson that I would never forget.That life is unfair.Even if wewe sacrifice everything wewe had,you will always have something worth having.Even though Elsa and Anna aren't real and I can't get any Pokemon nor trading card games here,I have my family,who care about and upendo me.As much as I wish they were real,having my family is quite satisfying enough.Even if I'm annoyed kwa them sometimes.

My Fears
-Spider:Spiders creep me out a lot.Ever since I was bitten kwa one I wnted to squash them into nothing au run away like a coward.And their faces are the stuff of nightmare.
-Whales:Yes,I'm afraid of whales.But that's because ever since I saw the nyangumi scene from Finding Nemo,I became scared of them.Like getting swallowed kwa one au be crushed underneath them when they jump into the water.
-Getting fat and bald:I have a slender body and long hair and I want to keep it that way.Everyday after I waited two au three hours after eating,I do gimnastics and exercises to stay in shape.So bodybuilding became a hobby of mine.
-Having parasites inside of me:I'm also very organized and I'm a bit addicted to cleaning my hands because I'm afraid I'll have Ebola in my body and it scares me a lot that a parasite can be inside of me and can jump out whenever they want.Kind of like the Xenomorphs from Alien.
-People turning against me:I hate being misjudged because it's so unfair and insulting.Especially when they poke fun of me.It's like they've been watching nothing but the newer episodes of Spongebob.
-Hurting the ones I care about:This one is my sekunde biggest fear.In fact I despise violence.Because I have a lot in common with Elsa this was expected.Even hurting wanyama is something that I'm afraid of.One time my parents told me that I had to help them,cut down one of our goats because she can no longer give birth nor milk.Me and my father were holding down the goat while my grandfather was bashing its skull with the back of an axe.After that the goat was in so much pain that it made a sound that just felt agony.I felt unclean,like I murdered an innocent.Even thinking about that moment today makes me feel like a murderer.
-Letting the ones I care about au the ones who put their faith in me down:This one really hurts me,because whenever when I mess up and trouble happens because of that,I feel like nothing but a burden to them,it's like I'm worthless.

My Likes:
-Pokemon,TCG's,Transformers,Star Wars,Sonic,cartoons,anime,chocolate,my family,peace,bodybuilding,walking(I don't want to rot in my room forever so I sometimes go for a walk around town),having long hair,taking a nap,animals,cleanliness,tea.

My Lists:
-My inayopendelewa Disney movies:
10.Big Hero 6,
9.The Princess and the Frog,
8.Atlantis The Lost Empire,
7.The Rescuers Down Under,
3.Wreck-it Ralph,
2.Beauty and the Beast,
1.The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

-My inayopendelewa Pixar movies:
4.Finding Nemo,
3.The Toy Story movies,
2.The Incredibles,

-My inayopendelewa Dreamworks movies:
5.Rise of the Guarians,
4.Shrek 1;2,
3.Kung-fu Panda 1;2,
2.How to train your Dragon 1;2,
1.The Prince of Egypt.

-My inayopendelewa Miyazaki movies:
5.Castle in the Sky,
4.The Wind Rises,
3.Spirited Away,
2.Princess Mononoke,
1.Grave of the Fireflies.

-My inayopendelewa movies:Edward Scizzorhands,The Dark Knight,The Shawshank Redemption,Jurassic Park,Saving Mr.Banks,To Kill a Mockingbird.

-My inayopendelewa cartoons are:
10.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(2003),
9.Gravity Falls,
8.Regular Show,
7.Megas XLR,
6.Transformers Prime,
5.Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated,
4.Batman The Animated Series,
3.Avatar The Last Airbender,
2.Samurai Jack,
1.Ed,Edd and Eddy.

-My inayopendelewa animes are:
10.Yu-Gi-Oh GX,
9.Elfen Lied,
8.Death Note,
5.The Big O,
2.Hellsing Ultimate,
1.Fullmetal Alchemist(2003).

-My inayopendelewa shows are:Game of Thrones,Once Upon a Time,C.S.I,Two and a Half Man,ALF.

-My inayopendelewa movie,TV and video-game characters are:
10.Mewtwo (Pokemon The First Movie),
9.The Joker (The Dark Knight),
8.Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist),
7.Ed,Edd and Eddy (Ed,Edd and Eddy),
6.Gregory Peck (To Kill a Mocking Bird),
5.Guts (Berserk),
4.Tyrion (Game of Thrones),
3.Anna (Frozen),
2.N (Pokemon Black and White),
1.Elsa (Frozen).

-My inayopendelewa genre of music:Hard Rock,Gothis Rock,Metal,Jazz,Broadway,Classical,Piano,Epic Score,Pop,Dubstep,Nightcore.

-My inayopendelewa musicians are:Nickelback,Linkin Park,Fall Out Boy,Idina Menzel,Phil Collins,Disturbed,Three Days Grace,Within Temptation,Westlife,Celine Dion,Mickael Jackson,Two Steps From Hell,Hans Zimmer.

My Dislikes:
-Being interrupted,people never shutting up,studying,my former schools,people being jerks,making fun of and blaming the innocent,being made fun of for others amusement,sexism,racism.

My Dreams.
I personally want to become an animator and a voice actor.Animation fascinates me and because I'm a good artist,I planning to become one.My inayopendelewa animator Genndy Tartakovsky is the one who inspired me to become one.He made some of my inayopendelewa childhood shows:Dexter's Lab,Samurai Jack,Star Wars Clone Wars,Sym-Bionic Titan and he even directed Hotel Transylvania.
I'm also planning to become a voice actor.One of my hobbies is quoting characters in Englsih when I'm alone.I can manipulate my voice to sound zaidi masculine.Out of the three languages I know (Hungarian,Romanian and English),English is the one I like to use the most.So I'm planning to go to America to put it to good use.
au maybe even a fashion designer.I'm very artistic and because I have good ideas for clothing,maybe I should be one.

I hope this helped wewe to know me better.I didn't do this for wewe guys to pity me,but because I was unsatisfied with my awali makala so I wanted to do an updated version where I put much zaidi effort into it.
I just want wewe guys to know that those who appreciated the effort I put into my awali articles,thank you.I can't thank wewe enough for being better Marafiki than those around me.
Thank wewe :')!
As always,Smell 'ya Later!
 I honeslty whish they were kwa my side.
I honeslty whish they were by my side.
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This is the start of a new series of articles, in which I’ll take a look at book-based Disney movies. I will discuss how the movie relates to the original chanzo text (or not), what the merits and the weaknesses of the movie are.
I will not do this in chronological order, but simply pick what strikes me fancy (I’m open for requests, though). Don’t expect me to do the Lion King, though. For one, the connection to Hamlet is feeble at best, it’s zaidi a case of being inspired kwa it than a true adaptation, and two, technically Hamlet is a play, not a book. I also will not do the Disney Princess...
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Dr. Facilier: [appearing to read Prince Naveen's palm] Were I a betting man - and I'm not, I stay away from games of chance - I'd wager I'm in the company of visiting royalty.
Prince Naveen: [Amazed] Lawrence, Lawrence! This remarkable gentleman has just read my palm!
Lawrence: [Noticing the morning newspaper, which had a cover story about Naveen's visit, sticking out of Dr. Facilier's pocket] au this morning's newspaper.

Dr. Facilier: A tip of the hat from Dr. Facilier.
[hands Naveen his card]
Dr. Facilier: How y'all doin'?

[to his voodoo "Friends", which resemble masks]
Dr. Facilier: Friends,...
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Governor Ratcliffe: Wiggins, why do wewe think those insolent heathens attacked us?
Wiggins: Because we invaded their land and cut down their trees and dug up their earth?
Governor Ratcliffe: It's the gold! They have it and they don't want us to take it from them. Well, I'll just have to take it kwa force then, won't I?

Wiggins: Do wewe think we'll meet some savages?
Governor Ratcliffe: If we do, we shall be sure to give them a proper English greeting.
Wiggins: [holds up baskets of wine and cheese] Ooh, gift baskets!
Governor Ratcliffe: Oh, no. And he came so highly recommended.

Governor Ratcliffe:...
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We are Siameeiz if wewe pleeiz
We are Siameeiz if wewe don't please
We are former residents of Siam
There are no finer Cats than we am
We are Siamese with very dainty claws
Please observing paws containing dainty claws
Now we lookin' over our new domicile
If we like we stay for maybe quite a while
(whisper:) do wewe see that thing swimming round and round?
yesssssssss mabey we could reaching in and make it drown
if we sneak in not to fool it carefully
there will be a head for wewe a tail for me

(whisper continued...) Do wewe hear what I hear? (grrrrrr)
a baby cry
where we finding baby there are maziwa nearby
if we look in baby buggy there could be
plenty maziwa for wewe and also some for me
The villain does his best to give his worst, and Walt Disney uhuishaji Studios are no exception. Good cannot triumph without evil. In 51 Disney classics, they have brought to life some rogues who will go down in history. On the following pages, we pay tribute to some famous characters who did not win, however hard they tried.

1. Witch-Walt Disney's most famous and terrifying witch made her debut in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1937, the academy award winning story about the Queen who turns into a witch and offers her stepdaughter a poisoned apple because she is jealous of her youth...
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 2. Peter Pan
2. Peter Pan
2. Peter Pan-Peter Pan is the most boring film of all time. I hate the songs, muziki and the animation. I hate Wendy. And also, i hate Captain Hook's pirates. Don't watch this at home, kids, because it'll bore you. This film isn't enjoyable. It's not a dream come true. It's my least favourite film ever. I hate it when Wendy screams and shouts. wewe can fly is the most boring song ever. This whole plot is boring.

1. Disney Sequels-Yuck! I don't like them except The Return of Jafar, The Rescuers Down Under, The Lion King 2 and Toy Story 3. There are plenty of bad sequels. The most worst sequel of...
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