Original hair color, officially deemed "Burnt Orange"
Has any one else noticed Cinderella's switch in hair color?
Wen Aurora was made she was supposed to be the only blond princess, as Cinderella's hair was officially called "burnt orange" and was not so yellow as she is advertised today. Also in the movie her dress is a much lighter blue than as wewe see it when advertised. i have also discovered that her new yellow hair can only be created digitally, so is defiantly not how she was originally meant to look. Also the in the 50's her original shade of hair was very popular.
I realized her hair was wrong when kusoma an makala about Aurora and how she was supposed to be the only blond one, and again when my mom came nyumbani from work saying she had watched cinderella [at work lol] and that she wasn't blond and that she didn't see the blue dress in the movie and that it was white. so i looked it up and discovered this makala

proving what i had discovered fact
does this bother anyone else?
i recently got a cinderella doll and her hair is bleach blond, i now feel it is very incorrect.
Newer Blond version
Her original Dress and Hair
Newer, Bluer dress and Blond hair