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 Happy Father's siku
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Peter Pan
little mermaid
beauty and beast
the princess and the frog
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 I suppose wewe want a kiss,kissing would be nice yes
I suppose you want a kiss,kissing would be nice yes
Ok this is an update of another makala similar to this.

#10 Tarzan

A young orphan is adopted kwa gorillas who raised him up as the king of the jungle.

Sorry that this is in my bottom orodha but that doesn’t mean that I hate it au anything. Tarzan which is a 1999 movie from Walt Disney tells the story about a young boy who is raised kwa gorilla’s who Lost their baby who died from a leopard who also killed the young boy’s parents who dies the same siku as the gorilla‘s baby. With great uhuishaji and muziki from Phil Collins Tarzan is definetly the best movie to end the Disney renaissance.

#9 Snow...
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