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This Disney picha might contain gumdrop and gunditone.

Here's my countdown of the most attractive Disney females. I hope wewe enjoy and sorry if wewe don't agree.

Top 10 Most Attractive Disney Females

#10 Evil Queen (Snow White)

What a way to start the orodha but with a Villain! I've always found the Evil Queen from Snow White beautiful for some reason and most definately the most attractive out of all of the female villains. However, there's always that slight drawback that wewe might find your moyo in the loaf of mkate after having an argument about who's hid the remote control. Some people might prefer someone a bit sweeter and with a kinder...
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This is my opinion on my inayopendelewa Disney heroines, these are the ones that I love. I like all the Disney heroines except Ms. Callaway(Home On The Range), Captain Amelia(Treasure Planet), and Esmeralda. I don't hate au dislike Callaway au Amelia, just a neutral feeling but I do hate Esmeralda. Besides those three I like all Disney heroines but these twenty I'm upendo to death. I will also include a quote that the heroine has alisema au sung. I will only be including hand drawn animated heroines, not compuuter animated ones. Please leave a maoni on what wewe think and don't just make it one of those...
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Now this is just my point of view, but I find it a little bit ironic that one of the most realistically portrayed Disney females comes in the shape of a pixie! When it comes to typical proportions, the average woman can zaidi easily identify with a winged sprite?! I mean, not everybody has a beautiful hourglass figure! Having somebody who is a little bottom-heavy is comforting.

While Tinker kengele does have a super-skinny waist, she is the only Disney female I have seen whose lower body is not exactly proportionate to her upper body.
When I realized this, it made me feel so much better...
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Here's some difference I found between the Little Mermaid book, and movie, here they are.

1. In the movie, The Little Mermaid has a name (Ariel, but in the book, she's just called The Little Mermaid.

2. A girl finds the prince on the pwani after the Little Mermaid saves him, but, in the movie, Max and Grimsby finds him.

3.In the book, The Little Mermaid has 5 sisters, and lives with her father, and her grandmother. In the movie, she has 6 sisters, and only lives with her father.

4. The sea witch cuts the little mermaid's tongue off, instead of, like in the movie, putting it in a necklace.

5. When...
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 Ariel's Sisters: WHY AREN'T WE ON HERE, Me: Because your all SO UGLY
Ariel's Sisters: WHY AREN'T WE ON HERE, Me: Because your all SO UGLY
Okay I remake this because of a few changes and because I learned how to work the pictures. Anyway because of the 20 pictures I'm not going to talk much about numbers 30-21 and they're not going to have they're own individual pictures. This orodha will have heroines, villianesses, and supporting girls.

Mysterious person: I shall tell wewe the fairest one of all

Me: Who the heck is that

30.Madame Mim only when she turns beautiful because as she alisema it's only skin deep because she's really an ugly old hag.(Villianess)

29.Tiana's friend that wanted Tiana to go danceing while she's not that special...
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The Song of Mulan is a famous ballad about a heroine of the Northern Dynasties. In this ballad, this heroine is called Mulan. But people always call her Hua Mulan. And in 1998 Hollywood made an animated cartoon Hua Mulan. But this cartoon is a light program, so it can’t onyesha a real Mulan. I have seen a movie Joan of Arc which directed kwa Luc Besson, and this movie hurted seriously the image of a herine that I have known about Joan of Arc since my childhood. So if we want to know about historical persons, we must research true historical materials.

The first image of Mulan was a young woman...
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The Lion King - $783,841,776
Tangled - $576,341,791
Aladdin - $504,050,219
Tarzan - $448,191,819
Beauty And The Beast - $377,350,553
Dinosaur - $349,822,765
Pocahontas - $346,079,773
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - $325,338,851
Chicken Little - $314,432,837
Bolt - $309,979,994
Mulan - $304,320,254
Lilo & Stitch - $273,144,151
Bambi - $267,447,150
The Princess and the Frog - $267,045,765
Hercules - $252,712,101
Brother kubeba - $250,397,798
One Hundred And One Dalmatians - $215,880,014
The Little Mermaid - $211,343,479
The Jungle Book - $205,843,612
Atlantis: The Lost Empire - $186,053,725
Snow White And The Seven...
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