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This Disney picha contains grainfield, shamba nafaka, and shamba wa nafaka. There might also be farasi wrangler, wrangler, farasi uchaguzi, horse trail, uchaguzi wa farasi, gari chuck, and chuck wagon.

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This makala Does Contain Spoilers.

After watching the movie Finding Nemo last night I found quite a few similarities between the animated Pixar movie and Pierre Morel's Taken, which was released in 2008 staring Liam Neeson. I've decided that Taken and Finding Nemo, are very similar in plot lines.
Finding Nemo starts out with inaonyesha that marlin is a single dad, after his wife being eaten kwa a shark, and he is left with one single child, which he decides to name Nemo. After learning that marlin and Nemo have some issues with each other, with marlin being overprotective over Nemo, he is soon...
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Here is my orodha of my twenty inayopendelewa Disney Heroines. My orodha is unique in many ways, it has a lot of characters from the Classic Era of Disney. I upendo all characters, but these are the twenty heroines that are most special to me.

JUST MISSED THE CUT: Wendy and Pocahontas

20. The Heroine of Bravery

I upendo Mulan for a lot of reasons. She is relatable, clumsy, and she has a lot of expectations put on her. She is burdened, but still, she manages to sacrifice herself for her father. And in the process, she becomes a real heroine, zaidi heroic than possibly any other heroine Disney has had.

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Miss Universe 2010, the 1st Miss Universe pageant, was held in México on May, 2010. 91 countries and territories competed for the title and the pageant was broadcasted live on Fanpop.

Final results     Contestant

Miss Universe 2010

Congratulations Miss Great Britain Ariel    

1st Runner-up, Miss India Esmeralda
2nd Runner-up, Miss Peru Pocahontas
3rd Runner-up, Miss Kosovo Aurora     
4th Runner-up, Miss Greece Megara     

Top 10     

* 6.Miss Finland Snow White
* 7.Miss...
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