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 Mickey panya, kipanya
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Hi everyone! This is the makala for the results of the females countdown consisting of the early female characters, ranging from 1937-1973. Sorry I haven't been able to publish this sooner, just I've been very busy lately... anyways, the results will be in pictures, and we'll start with the lowest rank at the juu and at the bottom are the highest ranked. And also, thank wewe so much to everyone who ametoa maoni for this article, it makes it so much nicer with maoni and gives it a wonderful flavor of detail! So without further ado, let us proceed to the results!
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A lot of the new Disney sinema have been really lame. I think one of the big reasons they're so bad is they basicly have no villains. For example: in Cars the only villain is Chick Hick, and wewe hardly got to see him. Also in
Wall-e the antagonist was a computer. And in Enchanted they had a prety good villain going with that evil Queen but again wewe didn't get see her much, when wewe did see of her almost every thing she did had already been done in other movies.

Now compare that to the classics. Cruella, she wanted to kill mtoto wa mbwa for a coat. The Evil Queen she wanted to kill a little girl just to be the prettiest. And than thre are other that aren't so much wicked they're just funny, like Captain Hook. Which do prefer, the new ones au the classics.
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incredibles 2
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Drawing tutorial for Carissa
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