Disney SURVEY: People who are mashabiki of animated Disney sinema are also mashabiki of what non-Disney movie?

Pick one:
All mbwa go to Heaven
The secret of NIHM
Cats Don't Dance
I've never seen any of these movies/ I hate them all!
An American Tail
The Iron Giant
The Land Before Time
The Prince of Egypt
Spirit & lt; 3
Spirit <3
Added by huddy_
Road to El Dorado
Added by LionaChoco
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The swan Princess
Added by KataraLover
Nearly all of dem ^^
Nearly all of dem ^^
Added by niamhxxx
Return to Neverland
Added by Pyjamarama
Thumbelina is TERRIBLE- !!!!!!
Thumbelina is TERRIBLE!!!!!!
Added by Idiotic1235
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 breebree446 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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