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Izzy POV

It was about 12:01. I was going out to howl at the moon. When i walked outside, i saw a note. Iread it aloud.
Meet me in the woods at midnight.
Your secret admirer
me:Wow,i have a secret admirer. maybe its owen. No wait, cody! no no, JUSTIN!!! au trent. What about Geoff?
I wondered all the way there. then, i tripped on a leg.
duncan: hujambo there babe.
izzy: what? oh, hi duncan. now, whos the secre admirer?
duncan: your looking at him.
me*laughs*okay, okay. wewe got me. now, who is it?
me:oh, really?duncan: uhu!
3rd person
izzy: oh, okay then are wewe sure?
duncan; yes babe.
izzy: okay then
duncan: so,
izzy: wewe wanna make out.
*2 hours later*
*2 zaidi hours alter*
izzy: okay well that was fun
duncan: yeah, uh, so, see wewe later.
duncan: yeah.cool. okay then, bye!
izzy: bye.
*15 min later*
both: I upendo U! *start making out*
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Izzy pov
I went into the back of the aftermath,you know where theres a TV,and they have the chakula and stuff?i was hungry,so i went have a bite.

"why are wewe here?"askeda voice

"what?oh,hi duncan.Nothing,i wad just hungry. why
are wewe here?"

"well,i had this dream."

"what was it about?"

"well,it was about courtney."



Duncans POV

We were at my house,and me and courtney were hungry,so,we went ot this relly fancy,and expensive place.

"i want to get the lobster,"courtney told me

'but,thats most expensive thing here"i told her "you,are gonna pay for it,right?"

"no,your paying,for the whole dinner"...
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k, i know duncan isnt in it, but its still good, and it has izzy, and this would be perfect if duncan was in it,right? i couldnt find anymore IxD vids, sorry. Ill make them,post them on youtube, then post them, here,k?
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A vid made by.. idk. But its good!