Doctor Who Character Elimination Game

rosedawson1 posted on Aug 01, 2012 at 01:09AM
Each character starts with 15 points. Each time you post a reply you copy the one above you and take 1 point from a character and give another character 1 point extra.
If a character has 0 points, they are eliminated.
You can't post after yourself, someone has to post before you can post again Only going with the 10th Doctor because it would take to long to do all of them and the 10th is my favorite.

Character list:
10th Doctor 15
10th doctor clone 15
Rose Tyler 15
Pete Tyler 15
Jackie Tyler 15
Mickey smith 15
Donna Noble 15
Wilfred Mott 15
Jenny 15
Martha Jones 15
Jack Harkness 15
Face of Boe 15
Adelaide Brooke 15
Sarah Jane Smith 15
Astrid Peth 15
Christina de Souza 15
k-9 15
The Daleks 15
Cybermen 15
The Master 15
Queen Victoria 15

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