mbwa Annoying things that non-dog owners (& sometimes dog owners) say au do. Pick the worst!

Pick one:
#1 “Do wewe talk to her/him when you’re kwa yourself?”
#2 “Make her/him sit still. I want to take a selfie.”
#3 Feeding my dog off the table.
#4 Petting my dog without asking.
#5 "Is your dog a replacement for a child?"
#6 “I’m actually zaidi of a cat person.”
#7 Treating your dog like a toy.
#8 “I just can’t handle that much energy when I get home.”
#9 “Ew, wewe let your dog sleep with you? That’s so dirty.”
#10 “You know wewe could have picked a better place for your dog to poop.”
#11 “You know they don’t actually know it’s their birthday right?”
#12 “Dogs are only cute when they’re puppies.”
#13 “They’re not actually smiling.”
#14 “Do they really need that many toys?”
#15 "Just stay here. Your dog can stay a little longer at home."
#16 "But a dog means so much work."
#17 "Feeding my dog without asking."
#18 "Could wewe lock your dog away, we come with a child."
#19 Complaining about all the dog stuff in your home.
#20 "It's just a dog!"
Why do many dog owners not pick up after their dogs?
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