Another great makala I found on tumblr, this time kwa ladychauffeurs. I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. I just thought it was excellent, so I ilitumwa it to the Branson and Sybil spot, but I felt I should post it here, too. That way the people who don't like Sybil/Branson au Branson (to whom this makala is addressed), who are unlikely to go on the Branson and Sybil spot, have a chance to read it, too.

I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. All credit goes to ladychauffeurs@tumblr.


“You’re too scared to admit it… but you’re in upendo with me.”

First things first, please guise. Don’t let the actions of a couple of episodes wingu the wonderful character who has been with us since the fourth episode. People change, but they don’t change without reason.

I should probably start with the problems people have been having with Branson this past episode: He’s a jerk, he’s belittling Sybil’s nursing, he’s trying to force her to upendo him. D««

Remember the character wewe loved in the first episode? Proclaiming his upendo for Sybil? It’s still the same guy, he’s doing the same thing. He’s being blunt and proactive just as he was before, he’s going for what he wants, just as he was before. But people seem to have a larger problem with it this time.

People are saying that he’s pushing her and manipulating her into loving him. The new rush of inclination is that Branson is just in upendo with the idea of Sybil, not the actual person. I reject this notion entirely. We have to remember Branson’s absolute conviction to his political conventions. He wouldn’t lie about his stance to Lord Grantham; and he’s certainly not about to change his ideas. But what’s significant is that he delays it, pushes it aside in the attempt to bid for his own happiness.

If he was only in upendo with the idea of Sybil then why not Edith au Mary?
Why would he pause what he’s spent his entire life dreaming about for a fanciful and ironic idea? In war-time Branson could potentially rise to power as the voice of reason for the working class. People would be zaidi accepting. It’s the best time for him to pursue this. But he doesn’t. He stays at Downton because he’s waiting for her to run away with him. He stays because he loves her and he can’t kubeba a world where he can’t at least see her everyday. All wewe need to do is observe the longing glances at Sybil - when he believes she isn’t watching - all throughout this series so far to prove this. (The cake baking in episode one, watching her with her nursing duties in episode two, setting up the room in episode three, and during the tamasha in this latest episode) A person simply doesn’t gaze that longingly at someone they aren’t in upendo with.

When they talk about the easter rising, Branson makes it clear he might have gone to participate before it was put down. But he had any time in those six weeks to leave and yet he kept putting it off, it’s almost as if he couldn’t leave her. We all saw how he suddenly confessed when confronted with the reality of not seeing her for two months.

I’m inclined to believe that Branson has never felt a power this strong over him before. His senses are totally clouded. He’s quick to anger, rash to act and it’s all due to the conflict in his heart. It’s all due to the agony of denial - not being able to have the thing his body yearns for most of all.

Because for all their similarities. Branson is a romantic and Sybil is practical. He wants their upendo to last through the ages. He doesn’t see how he could ever upendo as much au long again. He intensely believes that Sybil is his one true love. But Sybil is certain that it can’t work. She doesn’t allow herself to work out her own feelings because she believes they will never come to fruition. He just wants them to be together. He just wants them to be happy.

Now for Branson’s dismissive comment…
Sybil and Branson got into a fight. He’s always been proud of Sybil (perhaps the only one to encourage her interests with such goodwill) he loves her spirit and her independence. it’s what first attracted him in first place. he absolutely adores her drive and passion! When he belittled Sybil’s nursing it was just a nasty thing he alisema when he was angry. But can wewe really blame him?

It is a lot he’s asking her to give up. Of course it is! He realises that. But its been years. For the viewer it’s been three episodes, for Branson it’s been two years since he first confessed. That’s an awfully long time to wait for an answer. Even to a swali as large as this.

Put yourself in his shoes. wewe tell someone that wewe upendo them and wewe want to be with them. They may not encourage you, but they certainly don’t refuse wewe flat out. Sybil’s refusal to refuse inspires Branson even more. If she doesn’t refuse him she must have some feelings for him! Then imagine having to wait two whole years, and in that time the person that wewe upendo barely even acknowledges your relationship. Wouldn’t wewe start to get a little impatient?

He doesn’t really understand that she doesn’t yet know how she feels about him. Branson likes to see things in black and white. He doesn’t need the gray area in between and he doesn’t care for it. “It comes down to whether au not wewe upendo me. That’s all. That’s it.” Nothing else really matters to him. But Sybil isn’t quite as sure a character as Branson.

I can completely understand him being annoyed. He has his own problems. There are riots, and deaths and utter chaos in his home, Ireland, and yet Sybil is uigizaji as if her running away with him would be a far zaidi shocking scene. wewe can surely understand his frustration? He’s had family die. People he knew and loved have simply ceased to exist. Apart from a few boys she danced with at balls, Sybil hasn’t felt loss in quite the same way. To Sybil, it’s the largest concept she’s ever had to consider. But surely we can forgive Branson’s snide remarks and frustration. he just wants an answer.

A big factor is isolation as-well. Sybil has her family, her friends. Yet Branson doesn’t really seem to have anybody he can talk to properly. Sybil was the only one who understood him and now even she’s refusing to listen. Branson is probably the most honest person she’s ever known, and it irks him that she’s avoiding and denying what he knows to be true.

We know that he admires her profession, but he does have a point. Now that Sybil is working largely out of Downton she has settled into a housemaids role zaidi than that of a nurse. She still takes shifts at the hospital, but it seems the majority of her time is spent up at the house. Now there is nothing at all in the world wrong with that. But Branson is just trying to help her. He knows her. He knows that she wants to get out there and change the world. But if she is forever tied to Downton Abbey her dreams will never be realised. He doesn’t mean to belittle her work, and if he hadn’t have been angry at the time he would never have alisema it like that. But he just wants to remind her of her dream; the reason she became a nurse in the first place.

Going back to the argument. Can I just say that I think it’s fantastic they can argue? Because that’s what people in real relationships do! They’re don’t get on 100% of the time, they disagree, they get angry, they can say nasty things. I don’t believe in the slightest that it was detrimental to their relationship. Instead, it means they’ve been able to kuvuka, msalaba the class barrier without hesitation. He definitely can’t see the ‘Lady and her Chauffeur’ anymore when they talk to each other. They seem like a real couple.

Yes Branson is “frightfully full of himself”. He has an ego. That’s just a part of his character. But the fact that Sybil acknowledges this doesn’t place one doubt in my mind that she loves him. She can accept his flaws does just as well as he is patient enough for hers.

Oh, and to explain to those saying Branson is a jerk because he alisema he would welcome Sybil’s family with open arms. I honestly thought that was good of him. People thought he was being a complete and utter bastard for saying this but really it’s quite the opposite. Branson knows the uproar that will happen if Sybil runs away with him. He knows perfectly well that the family will paint a slanderous picture of him all over the country. They’ll say that he seduced their daughter, that he brainwashed her and turned her against them. They’ll cut her off, they’ll dis-own her, they will hate him. They’ll treat the woman he loves like dirt beneath their feet. This is what he imagines they’ll do, and honestly they probably will. They will do all this and when they come around he’ll welcome them with open arms. Does it sound so bad now? He’ll do it for Sybil because he knows she loves her family and wouldn’t want to be parted from them forever.

There wewe have it. :)
My opinion right there.

I’m asking wewe all to consider yourselves before wewe hate on Branson too much. Isn’t there any rash maoni au remark you’d ever wish you’d taken back? Could wewe imagine waiting two years for the person wewe upendo to even acknowledge wewe that way? He’s known her over five years and the closest he’s ever gotten to her is secretly closing his hand around hers at a garden party in a happier past.

This man is in the center of the lifestyle he despises the most. He loves a woman who can’t be with him, and his nyumbani is caught up in bloody rioting.

(and don’t forget than an apology scene was cut from the last episode! Let’s just consider that canon shall we?)

Pity Branson, don’t hate on him!


What do wewe think? If you're not a Sybil/Branson au Branson fan, did it change your opinion at all?