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posted by Freakoutnow
 My kauli mbiu
My motto
This is in NO way serious so don't bag me. This is a bit like a roleplay... maswali and suggestions are welcome! Do wewe have a swali wewe want to ask the Doctor? (Got a lot of inspiration from an makala on fanfiction.net kwa PsychoSweetHeart).

Me: Hello! XD
Dr: What the!? Who are you? How'd wewe get through the wall!?
Me: Here... (Hands him an iPhone) Start recording!
Dr: (Fumbles around with it for awhile)
Me: (Sighs) Touch the screen!
Dr: Interesting... What is 'Angry Birds'?
Me: (Snatches it off him) I'm going to ask wewe a few maswali and wewe are going to answer them.
Dr: An interview? (Thinks)...
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posted by Freakoutnow
 I'm late, I'm late! For a very important date!
I'm late, I'm late! For a very important date!

Crane: Jervis! Don't sneak up on me like that!
Hatter: I'm sorry. I got lonely. AND, Alice did bring me here.
Crane: Alice???
Freakoutnow: Ello! Thought wewe could get away from me huh!?
Crane: *Facepalm* I was interviewing Karajorel...
Karajorel: Dr. crane there's nothing wrong with having group therapy sessions in broad daylight! But *air quotes* "Alice", why'd wewe bring Jervis?!
Freakoutnow: Because I needed him to get me out! The way "Dr" crane tied me up nearly cut off my circulation!
Crane: Whole idea.
Freakoutnow: That's why I brought Hatter!
Karajorel: How could he possibly help you?...
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Me: Hi! I'm in a bus right now, I borrowed it, from guess who? The clown of course. *Giggles* After a little while (and a few meaningful slaps) I persuaded the Doc to drive. *Whispers* (He's hit the curb like, 16 times).
Dr: I heard that! Do wewe want me to drive au not?
Me: *Ignores* Okay, first swali au zaidi of a maoni (I upendo these)... Karajorel said:

"Awww! He smiled at me! That road trip Sounds like fun; anyone else going au just the two of you? XD
You alisema wewe might save someone if wewe hadn't arranged it; zaidi specifically, would wewe save me? <3 <3
What was it like the first time...
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posted by Freakoutnow
 The Scarecrow
The Scarecrow
Crane: Well I got rid of SuperGirl then Hatter but I still have wewe to go. What do I have to do for wewe to get wewe out of my life?
Freakoutnow: An answer. I really don't get it... Are wewe scared of Bats au Birds?
Crane: I'd rather not tell wewe that.
Freakoutnow: Please?
Crane: Why would wewe care?
Freakoutnow: Well wewe see, I've always had this... Fascination in fear. Not the normal fears like being afraid of not leaving anything behind for your kids, but the phobias. The fears that impel people to do... Crane? You've gone quiet all of a sudden.
Crane: Hm? No I'm just listening.
Freakoutnow: Well,...
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 Me, apparently.
Me, apparently.
Dr: Okay, Dr crane here. Got rid of Miss Freakoutnow, finally and I've decided to interview a few of her friends… So interviewing... Karajorel? Miss often talks about you, a lot. You're a little hero girl au of that kind.
But first of all a little something I found on the internet that made me smile...

Scarecrow: Would wewe like to see my mask?
Joker: wewe wanna know how I got these scars?
Bane: When wewe 2 are done arguing wewe have my permisson to die. -MrTravismcculough via Youtube comment

*Smiling* That gets me every time. Okay, first question: Why the name Karajorel? Anything special represented...
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posted by Freakoutnow
 I'd be scared...
I'd be scared...
Me: Hello again!
Dr: (Gagged) Mmmf... Mghfff!!!    
Me: He say he's happy to be here!
Dr: Grhaksrrrrr!
Me: We know wewe are. Okey dokey... First question...
Karajorel said:

"If aliyopewa the chance, would wewe ever choose to save someone's life? Cause maybe I'm crazy but I think wewe just might"

Me: Well Crane? Oh yeah (pulls the gag off his mouth).
Dr: (Recovering) Maybe... If I needed them, badly. au if I hadn't arranged it.
Me: Like if it was a girl? Hmmm? (Making kissing noises)
Dr: Stop that, it's disturbing.    
Me: Alright, I have a question...
Dr: Oh dear.
Me: Do...
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posted by VintageSmile
 "Would wewe like to see my mask?"
"Would you like to see my mask?"
Occupation: Arkham Psychologist
Lives: Gothem City
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Weapon: Fear Gas
NickName: Master Of Fear, Ichabond Crane

Jonathan crane had a tough childhood. Living with his grandmother, he was constantley taunted kwa other children, making fun of his height (Cillian murphy... really?) and lanky build. Due to this, crane ends up becoming involved in chemicals and the study of science, looking for revenge. He soon devolops the much famous Fear Gas and gets avenged. This then leads him into a secret life of crime whilst working in Arkham Asylum, and the rest is... history.

 "The Bat-man..."
"The Bat-man..."
Me: *Tied up* We never got to the hospital. Dr Party-Pooper crane had been fooling us all along!
Dr: Na na na na na…
Me: I knew it was all too easy!
Harley: Aw!
Dr: Hmmm, I'm not as dumb as wewe thought, huh?
Me: I never thought wewe were dumb. But I do know something: When I get outta here you're gonna cop the electric chair bad, fella!
Dr: Sorry Miss, but girl power failed this time. (If I an call wewe a girl…)
Me: Hey! I am a girl!
Dr: Tomboy then. *Thinks* Now the tables are turned, I'm going to interview YOU.
Me: I knew this was coming.
Harley: Ditto.
Dr: Button it Joker's girl! Okay... But OH!...
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