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Chapter 10
Goku hid himself behind the wall. Trunks walked out the door into the hallway, to go with everyone who are waiting in the waiting room. Goku walked back in with his wife.
“Oh hone! I’m so happy!” cried Chichi. “Did wewe sine the papers?” Goku stayed serious, trying his best to sound happy.
“Yes hone, Goten is almost ready to go nyumbani with us!”
“Oh how wonderful, and I am a lot zaidi relaxed, cant whait to go home!”
“I know…” Goku alisema with a serious tone and smile.
“Hone? What’s wrong?” Chichi asked worried.
“Nothing! What could be wrong?” Goku answered happy.
“Shhh…” interrupted Goku. “I just want to go home…” Chichi happily nodded.
“Ready Mrs.Son?” asked the nurse as she walked in.
“Yes ma’am…” Chichi answered with a lot zaidi strength.
“Well, ill whait outside…” Goku said.
“Thankyou Mr.Son…” the nurse answered Goku nodded his head up and down. He winked at Chichi with love, Chichi smiled. Goku closed the door behind him.
“Mr.Son…” alisema a voice down the hallway. Goku turned and saw the doctor with Goten ready to go nyumbani in his arms. Goku’s body got warm with love. The doctor slowly sat the baby in Goku’s arms once again.
“Wow! Thank you!” Goku happily alisema and glanced down at his baby with love. “Well Goten, wewe sure look a lot like your old man!” Goku slowly sat himself on a chair in the waiting room. “Hm? I wonder were everyone ran off to?” Goku asked confussed looking around.
“Dad! OMG!” Gohan screamed running in the hospital. “Wow! Look at Goten! He’s ready to go home?” Gohan asked sitting inayofuata to his father.
“Yeah he is, he’s ready. Ypur mom is now the one who’s getting ready. Hey? Were is everyone?”
“Oh, they are all at the front. They needed fresh air. Could I hold my brother?” gohan asked almost screaming.
“Sure son! Can I trust you?” Goku asked teasing him.
“Of course! I will not hurt him!” Gohan alisema holding out his hands. Goku let out a sweet grin.
“Okay…” Goku said, slowly handing him his brother. Gohan gasped and giggled as he stared at his brother.
“He’s so big! Hahaha!” Gohan alisema with cheers. “You definitely look a lot like dad!” Chichi finally appeared. “Mom! Mom!” screamed Gohan softly handing his father his brother. Gohan then ran to his mother as fast as a roadrunner.
“Oh Gohan!” Chichi cried wrapping her arms around Gohan’s back. Goku walked up to her, handing her their new baby. “hey Goten! Gugugugugu!” she laughed making baby noises. Goten just calmly slepped on her arms. Everyone walked back in.
“OMG! GOTEN!” screamed Krillin running fast toward the son family.
“Oh…great…” nagged Vegeta.
“Let me see him!” screamed Bulma. Everyone ran gathering around Chichi. Chichi happily grinned as everyone stared at her baby with surprisement. The same did Goku, Goku smiled as well. Krillin glanced closely at gotten, then back at Goku then back at Goten.
“Yeah! He is definitely Goku’s son!” teased Krillin.
“What do wewe expect?, they both have the same stupid appearance…” teased Vegeta.
“Hmph… look who is talking” growled Goku to Vegeta.
“Jerk face…” talked back Goku. Vegeta stayed quiet and stared at Goku in surprise. Goku turned aroud and walked up to his wife. “Lets go sweetheart…” Chichi grinned as she slowly stared down at Goten.
“Ready to go to your new house little guy?”
“I bet he is…” Chichi cheerfuly said.
“Yeah!” screamed Gohan. “He will like our house! No he will upendo it!”
“Well congratulations! Ya should probably go nyumbani and relax…” alisema Bulma.
“Yeah… thanks” answered Goku. Bulma’s cheeck suddenly turned bright red.
“Looking good Goku” Bulma alisema with a bashful tone. Goku blinked confussed. The way Bulma’s eyes stared at him was different.
“Uh?…um… thank you?” Goku answered rubbing the back of his head. Bulma’s cheecks became brighter red, then she let out a wink to Goku. Everyone gasped and stared. “Uh?…okay?” Goku alisema with a very nervous tone in his voice. Chichi cheerfully kissed her baby in the forehead. She felt two soft pats on her back, she turned her head and saw Goku. “Ready to go babe?”
“Yes I am…and so is Goten” chichi alisema beguining to rubb Goten’s warm cheecks.
“Finally!…wait? Hold on… were will gotten sleep?” asked Gohan.
“Don’t worry… I took care of that secretly…” Goku responded.
“What?” asked Chichi.
“Well guys…me and Chichi will be buisy for a while being parents once again…”
“Go on wewe upendo birds, take care of him…” alisema krillin.
“Yeah, so… see all of wewe later…” Goku waved placing his fingers on his forehead.
“Uh, goodbye everyone” Gohan waved disappearing with his parents, and Goten.
“Hm, I still wonder how Chichi survived loving a strong, big, super powerful man like Goku?” asked Bulma. Vegeta grinned big.
“Kakarrot is not so innocent after all I cant believe hehas seen a woman and made upendo hahahahaaha!”
“BEW!” Goku, Chichi, and Goten appeared in front of their house. Gohan walked ahead, opening the front door.
“Come on new parents” teased Gohan. Goku and Chichi giggled walking in.
“Well thank wewe new brother” teased Goku walking in.
Gohan nervously yelled “Well, Goku Chichi have fun being parents again!” he suddenly slammed the door. “Krillin!” he yelled flying off to the air.
“Close your eyes, and follow Goten’s cries” Goku alisema holding Goten. Chichi closed her eyes and followed him.
“Goku, wewe better not do something wrong!” she cried.
“Haha, ive already done that with wewe while trying to make Goten hahaha”
“Oh Goku! No zaidi making love! Im tierd!” She yelled still her eyes closed.
“Who alisema we will do it again?…But if wewe want?”
“Goku!” screamed Chichi.
“Okay!…two zaidi steps.”
“Stop! Turn…and open” Chichi did, turning, stopping, and opening her eyes.
“Oh wow! Goku! This! Thid is beautiful! Goten’s room? It looks sooo amazing!” Goku had surprised Chichi kwa Goten’s room. Heused Gohan’s old baby room, and decorated it himself with new baby stuff. It looked wonderful. Lots of teddy bears, a nice big safety crib. Dippers, bottels everything a half himan, half alien baby will need. Chichi softly layed Goten in his new crib.
“I will go do the milk!” happily alisema Chichi getting a bottle, and heading out the door. Goku grined and nodded. Goten softly dreamed with his eyes closed. Goku kneed down on his knees, glancing closer at Goten.
“I wonder if wewe could go super saiyan?” Goku asked placing his fingers on Goten’s cheek. “Goten….I know its hard for wewe to understand what I am about to say… but, I upendo you. Allways remember that. I am going to change. I am so, so, so sorry.” Chichi came back shaking the bottle, then stopped to hear Goku. “Goten, I promise… I promise that I will always upendo your brother, your mother, but mostly you…my son I am sorry that it has to be this way. Remember wewe will always be my son, my love, my happiness…you will always be in my heart…” Goten took a deep breath, squeezing Goku’s fingers.Chichi walked in, ready with the bottle. Goku heard his wife, and let go of Goten. Chichi approached the bed, and carried Goten giving him food. Goku saddly turned, ready to step out the door.
“Goku…” Chichi alisema still giving maziwa to her baby. Goku paused, not looking at his wife. “I need to talk to you…wen I am done” she alisema looking down at Goten. Goku glanced at her and nooded his head, and began to walk down the hallway.
“Oh mean! im in trouble!” whiprered Goku heading to the living room.

Meanwhile, back to Gohan and Krillin.
“Hey Krillin?!” asked Gohan, while they were flying.
“Yeah buddy?!” screamed back Krillin.
“We should get something for Goten if we can!”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, but come on.”
“Well, okay…” alisema Krillin following Gohan, disappearing in the air.

Chichi finally finished feeding Goten. Goku nervously sat on the chair in the jikoni table. Chichi approached Goku, Goku nervously stared.
“Sweetheart…” she alisema sitting in front of him. She held his hands. Goku’s cheecks turned red.
“I just want to say… that was very sweet of you…”
“What?” asked Goku turning his head in curiosity.
“What wewe told Goten…” Goku’s cheeks turned red.
“You heard?! Not cool babe!”
“Goku that was amazing…” Chichi alisema hugging him with love. Goku hugged her back with giggles.
“That was only between me and Goten.”
“I know, but that was just so special. wewe know, Goten seems like he understood you.”
“I know, Goten will be a smart child’ Goku alisema rubbing Chichi’s cheek. “ I don’t know how to explain it…” Goku alisema while seriously standing up. “I don’t know how but… wen I was talking to him… Goten squeezed my fingers.”

“Of course! What else would a baby do?”
“No, but it was different”
“Well, wenever he squeezed my fingers, wen I was telling him my feelings… I felt… I felt energy…”
“What kind of energy? And why in such a young age?”
“I don’t know but… the energy I felt was not…power…. It was… love. He held my fingers as if he understood me.”
“Uh? Goku? What got in that skull of yours?”
“No! really! I felt energy! Energy of love!”
“Hm… then Goten must be very special. He is, Goten will be really smart. He will be an amazing z fighter.”
Goku blinked in shock.
“You… wewe want our boy to be a Z Fighter too?”
“Yeah, what else! You’re his father right? wewe are a Z Fighter. Gohan is a Z Fighter, so I guess it will be fare for Goten to be one too.”
“Awsome!” shouted Goku.
“But…” interrupted Chichi.
“But? Asked Goku.
“I will be the one to train him…” responded Chichi.
“You?!” asked Goku shocked.
“Yes me! wewe helped Gohan, now I am going to help Goten.” Chichi did sounded very confident. Goku teased her making a frown, adding with a side smile.
“That’s my girl…”
“And don’t wewe forget it…” She teased. Goku got serious. Chichi stared at him.
“Chichi, wen I go different…. I will hurt you… I will still have deep feelings for you. Are you… are…. Are wewe still going to have…feelings…toward me?”
“Of course! We are a great team remember?! I would understand and help you!” Goku stared at Chichi with loving eyes. Chichi’s eyes shivered as she stared back into his blue eyes. Suddenly she noticed that now his eyes, looked at her with lots of love. They were about to hugg, but suddenly stopped kwa a loud cry, a painful cry from Goten.

“Oh! Goten!” Chichi alisema running to her baby. But Goku reolized, with those cries those cries it hurt his heart. His moyo hurt so much. The cries became louder, and harder. Goku’s mind began to spin. Goku suddenly gasped for air. Chichi tried her best to keep her baby quiet, but Goten did not stop his screaming. Goku started shaking like a wild animal. His moyo was killing him! He cupped his hand to his chest hard breathing fast, sweating. It even felt like electricity running throug his sore body. Goten had finally stopped his screaming, and Goku suddenly passed out on the floor. He felt so much pain deep in his heart, he could not control the pain. “Goten? wewe hungry again?” asked Chichi laying Goten on the crib. Chichi tried to feed him, but Goten spit it right out with anger. “Goten! Baby! Eat!” begged Chichi, trying to put the baby bottle in his little mouth, but Goten spit it right out. Chichi stared at at Goten. Suddenly her eyes went huge like melons. “Goku!” she sat down Goten on his crib, with tears still rolling down his eyes.
Chichi ran to the living room and screamed in horror. “Goku!” Chichi wrapped her arms around him, trying to help him stand up. “Goku! Goku!” Suddenly Goku’s eyes opened in a flash. Chichi screamed cheerful. Suddenly Goku’s eyes turned bright blue, and his black hair started to go up.
“No! no no no no no! I cant take it anymore!” screamed Goku furious.
“Aaaaaa! Goku!” screamed Chichi now cheerfully hugging him like crazy. “You are okay! Baby! don’t scare me like that!”
“Get…get off!” Goku screamed suddenly pushing his wife off him with great force, allowing Chichi to collaspe on the floor almost killing her! Chichi shaked in pain, very weak she tried to stand up. Goku glanced at her with brocken eyes, then glanced down at his hands in horror.
“G-G-Goku? Ouch! Why?!” asked Chichi with tears slowly rolling down her eyes.
“Because! I cant take this anymore!” Goku screamed suddenly his hair started to go up! “Ive been trying to survive this poison for as long as I can, and the only person that could fix this is your stupid, god damn boyfriend!”
“Trunks is doing all he can! and what do wewe mean kwa my boyfriend?! I thought wewe understood!”
Goku’s black hair got spiked up and turned blond. His eyes went light blue as the ocean, and his body got bigger in muscles!
“Well your husband probably would listen to wewe hahaha!” Chichi’s eyes went huge! Goten started to scream. Chichi’s eyes began to water. Her eyes went directly toward the hallway in horror, giving a sine that she wants to go to protect her baby!
“What do wewe mean my…husband?” she asked almost to afaraid to ask. Goku suddenly pushed Chichi to a table. Goku’s face got close to her’s. His lips was a couple of centimeters away from her lips. “Its not Goku now. wewe are talking to the spirit!” Chichi gasped and could not even believe it. “B-b-b-but, G-G-Goten is not even six!” Goku gave her a side smile. Chichi’s moyo got warm. He looked so different in a really good way.
“He does not need to be six. Did Trunks not say the future correct? Well, future’s collapsed baby. wewe see Chichi, ive been going through this body for a very long time, I can change in any time. But he was was right in one thing, wen my boy turns six, then that’s when the fight starts. Seems like a be six does it? WRONG! It will pass before wewe know it…”
Suddenly, the front door opened! Goku, au the spirit, and Chichi turned their face to the door fast.
“Mom, dad we are back! We got food!” happily alisema Gohan walking in. Krillin suddenly paused and felt evil as he was about to walk in. Gohan also stopped and felt horror!
“WAAAAAAA!” screamed Goten! Gohan and Krillin ran fast as a rabbit to the living room.
“AAAAAAA!…Dad?” asked Gohan.
“Is it me, au does he look a lot zaidi muscular? Wow he is! I can see vaines popping out from his arms a nd a lot of them from his neck! I don’t want to sound gay, but his face looks even zaidi goodlooking!” happily screamed Krillin. Goku side smiled them standing up. Krillin and Gohan took steps back. They both realized this not so funny anymore. Krillin looked down at Chichi, and all she had in her eyes was horror. Krillin glanced back at Goku. Goku glanced down at Chichi. Chichi could not songesha still from that push!
“ Bye” Goku alisema in a low, sexy tone. He started to walk between Gohan and Krillin. “See ya’” Everyone were terrified. Goku slowly set his fingers on his forhead. “Can’t whait to see what this body does!”he laughed disappearing ready to test his new body.
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