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posted by jantheaanina
It all started with a girl named Anthea. She Lives with her boyfriend named Raven. But she didn't know that Raven has another girl named Nicole....

*at the pizza place, Anthea saw that Raven was with another girl, making out.

Raven: Aww Nicole, wewe are so beautiful, I never felt this sweet lips ever before..

Nicole: So do I, sweetheart--

*Anthea stormed inside

Anthea: WHAT?! Raven! WHO IS THAT?! Your new girl?! How dare you! I trusted wewe for a long time, and THIS is what you'll show?! Shame on you!

Nicole: Who are you? Raven is my boyfriend! HE IS MINE!

*Anthea and Nicole pulled each others' hair...
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posted by jantheaanina
Last time, Anthea knew it that Raven just got another girl! After she shouted at her boyfriend, she called her friend Matthew for a date! Will everything change from that day? Find out!

*Matthew meets Anthea in the pizza parlor.

Anthea: He was here, with his new girlfriend.

Matthew: I knew that he will be a playboy ever since we were in grade 5. Remember that he called wewe a dog? And I told wewe that we put him down. wewe shouldn't be trusting him. Think of the past, girl.

Anthea: I know I was wrong. Luckily he is just my BF. Matthew, would wewe please come with me at the downtown?

*Yes, they did...
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added by dorrit
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