My Dreams, My Hopes and Wishes...My Story.
My Story...

    My Name is Mallory E. McDonald. I was born in Maine and I’m 13 years old. I’m a dancer at T’n t Dance Studio and I’ve been dancing for 11 years now. I was born with an eye condition, in other words I can only see out of one eye at a time. So when I was in third grade my eye doctor finally saw that I had a problem but it was to late. So in third grade I had to learn how to read and write all over again. I was called names because I had to have help and extra class’s because I still needed to learn how to read. I was called Stupid, Special needs girl and many more. So now I’m going to tell wewe my story in poems. And I hope after wewe read this you’ll see me different...


This story and book is for my friends...



I am an insane 7th grader whose mind is out of place.
I wonder what happens when wewe die.
I hear the cackle of hyenas hiding in a cave.
I see butterflies and bees chatting amongst themselves.
I want to get a pet iguana and name him tim.
I am an insane 7th grader whose mind is out of place.

I am an insane 7th grader whose mind is out of place.
I pretend I'm traveling the world.
I i feel the Sahara sand underneath my feet.
I touch the golden yellow stars.
I worry if what i think is right is right.
I cry when my family mambers cry.
I am an insane 7th grader whose mind is out of place.

I am an insane 7th grader whose mind is out of place.
I understand were not all perfect.
I say a group of people who are unequal are equal.
I dream to become an author.
I try to be helpful to all.
I hope that when I'm gone, my story is not.
I am an insane 7th grader whose mind is out of place.

Beauty is Uniqueness
In a world such as ours 
Beauty has become the most important thing
Looks have turned into our new philosophy
Without realizing it
We have been separated into different groups
The ugly, the pretty, the skinny, the fat one 
We each fall into one
Even without wanting to 
We have become a stereotypical world
We judge without knowing
We base it all on looks
All of us want to fit in somehow 
So we turn into these robots
Trying to be something we’re not
We hurt ourselves and sometimes go too far
Just to become something we think we should be
We are all unique and shouldn’t try to change that
Because if we do 
We become all the same
If we’re all the same 
We have no beauty
Because true beauty comes from within
From the uniqueness and differences of each person
Our world has to realize

I’ll but on a fake smile and pretend your not hurting me now.
I’ll push all of these emotions away...
As I reveal the blood from my veins.
So I can’t see if I’m still living.

When I alisema I was happy I was Lying

I should have hurt wewe but i couldn’t hurt wewe so I let wewe hurt me because I need you.

I’d rather have a life of “Oh wells” then a life of “what if’s”

Sometimes I cried just to hear wewe say it will be okay

Sometimes we :) to hide the :(

Behind my smile is a broken heart
Behind my laugh I’m falling apart
Look closely and wewe will see
A girl that I am...isn’t me.

I want someone
who knows that I am not really perfect yet
he stares at me like
I am the most
Perfect person
he has ever seen.

It hurts so much.
Not to have wewe kwa my side.
Not to be around you.
Not to be with you.

You’re the pain that I won’t give up.

I won;t ever forget
How wewe made me feel..
both life and death
before I’ve even died.

The same girl who laugh’s
And talks a lot and seems very happy
Is also the girl
Who may cry herself to sleep...

I’m sick of crying
Tired of
Yeah I am
Smiling but inside I’m

Perfect that’s all wewe see all wewe want to be is perfect.
That person may seem perfect but there not wewe don’t know there story...

That perfect girl who laughs
And talks a lot
Is also the girl would crys herself to sleep.

She smile’s so no one can see her pain.

Behind her smile is a broken heart
Behind her laugh she’s falling apart
Look closely and wewe will see
A girl that she is...isn’t her.

She’s really
And always wants to be perfect.

Are the words we speak truth of oneself
do we truly see where they come from
your mind, your body, your soul,
maybe mixture of all,
Do wewe really feel what wewe read,
can wewe hear every word they speak,
listen, for Beloved in near,
right inayofuata to your ear,
but wewe can't hear him there
become silent for a moment,


End of Part One