AnnieWannie: Thank wewe for always being there for me when I needed help. I'm still grateful for when wewe saved me from me wanting to kill myself. wewe are one of my dearest for that. Thank you.

malmd: wewe have also saved me. wewe thaught me that no matter how much pain wewe go through, somethign good will come out of it. I went through 13 years of continous pain..and I got all of these wonderful people, espeacially poem girl. Thank you.

iluvshadowo3o: I upendo wewe with all of everything I have to give. wewe are the first person to ever upendo me, and to ever cheer me up. wewe are the very light that keeps me standing and still going. I dream of the siku when wewe and I can finally meet.

NordicVeronica1: Thanks for naming me your brother. It gives me great joy. I'm glad I met someone esle that shares the smae thoughts as I. It gives me hope that they're other people out there that are knd kwa seeing the way wewe act.

Reminder: I know anniewannie and malmd do this also, but that dosen't mean that I'm coping their ideas. I'm doing this beucase it relaxes me. If wewe think I'm lying, I may not like your conclusion, but I can respect it.

We all sometimes may think "Why are we here?"
Sometimes we may think that life has abandoned us.
I know, becuase sometimes I think that.
I think that becuase I'am critized at school for being me.
I'm laughed at, pointed at, and stepped upon.
But the sheer fact that I have people that care for my very well being makes it all worth it. I have so many Marafiki that like me for who I'am. I belive I have purpose now: to be on this earth to make others happy. I have made others happy, and they have respected me for that. I have doen for so long, that a siku of not being nice for me is unbearable. I upendo to see smiles and I upendo to hear laughs. I know many of wewe have heard me say it, but I'll say it again with pride. I say it becuase It describes me, and I upendo me to no end. I upendo being myself. I honestly don't care what other think of me anymore. I'm unique in my own way. For all of wewe people who say "Oh, I don't want to do this anymore", stop for a mintue, breath in, and think about all of the good things in life that wewe have faced. If wewe faced any, then think of all of the good things to come. Makes wewe kind of wonder if wewe should really commite suicide,huh? wewe are unique. Malroy(malmd) is unique kwa always being happy, no matter how much suffering she's gone through. She can make other, such as myslef, become happy. Anniewannie(Florainne) is one of the most kind hearted people I've ever met. She is always positve no matter what wewe throw at her. She can make anybody feel good about themselves. That is what makes her unique. iluvshadowo3o is unique becuase of many reasons, but I upendo her becuase she's always matter what they say about her. She's going through some harsh times right now...but she always acts herself. NordicVeronica1(Vivi)is kwa far, without a doubt, the person who resembles me the most. The only person out there that can make peace better than I ever can. She is extremely kind..often being compaired to as an angel.These four people are unique in their own ways. They act as themselves, and they are kwa far my most respected people of all time. They don't follow"the daily routine", they follow and forge their own path. They have probably found their own path kwa now. They are the absolute prime example on what happenes when wewe be become respected, not kwa all, but kwa some. Let me tell wewe that if anybody dares disreaspect them, wewe better be damn sure that I'll be there to defend. I can safely say that they've earned every last bit of my respect...only cause they were themselves. I dedicate this makala to them. Thank wewe people for giving me the honor of being wewe friend.