I smile, after being beaten senslessly kwa people I once loved.
I smile, when I'm locked outside in the rain for hours
I smile, when my boyfriend lies to me
I smile, as people laugh at me for being different
I smile, when my parents fight
I smile, when I'm called broken
I smile, when I cry
I smile, as people call me names even satan wouldn't dare to say
I smile, as my world crashes down on me
I smile, to hide the sharp pain biting my soul
I smile, for YOU.

Do wewe know what this means?
Do wewe know how it fells?
Who are wewe to to say these things?
For wewe don't know there story au life,
wewe know nothing.
wewe know no pain,
For wewe are pain.
wewe know no hurt.
For wewe are hurt.
And who are wewe to say I am no one?
Because I am.
I am me
And nothing can change that...

Fierce & Love
Poem Girl