New Characters

These new characters are defiantly going to be on my orodha au favorites, 
Okay so here's the deal, these new characters seem to pop out at the most bila mpangilio times, people would call the stowaways, but I just call them lost. 
These three girls have a very defined past, too bad the only one who would remember woke up in a hospital bed, blind, and unable to speak. How she ended up this way? Nobody knows. 

Name: Flinteressa (Flint for short) 
Gender: Girl
Age: 11 
Powers: None that she knows of, au does she? Even if she did nobody would be able to hear her. 
Looks: A tall slender girl with light blue hair streaked golden and eyes without color due to the fact she's blind. 
Story: Flint woke up in the hospital with her two little sisters, however the injuries she woke with blinded her, injured her hands beyond repair and took away her ability to speak, if someone was really paranoid you'd say she was purposefully meant to never tell...

Name: Jendaya
Age: 6
Powers: she has a connection to wanyama that is so powerful she rarely ever lets her pet, Halia, a baby albino raccoon, leave her side,
Looks: A small girl with reddish black hair cut short that sweeps to the side and big brown eyes 
Story: Was born with a disability that dosnt allow her to remember anything past three days time. Remembers nothing before that. 

Name: Aveangeline (Ave for short) 
Powers: Can unlock any door, so far that's about it
Looks: Your typical 3 mwaka old with long brown and blonde streaked hair and blue eyes
Story: was found with her sisters at the crime scene. 

Hope wewe like em! They'll be zaidi important later on,