15: I met wewe and everything seems perfect now. i feel save and loved when I'm in your arms, and your the first man that i've been able to trust in a long time. 15: Loss my V card on the siku my inayopendelewa band broke, while eating Candy and watching my inayopendelewa movie to someone i love. 15: Im healthy and happy and I'm proud of myself.
14: I weigh 109, yet i think I'm huge and gross? I think somethings wrong with me? 14: My Self-esteem is so long its in the negatives 14: I took to many pills one night because life became an endless down hill. 14: My parents found out i was insane, they sent me away to get help. 14: My Counselor once asked me why i tried to kill myself and i alisema "Because people told me to be happy." Kind of sick isn't it? 14: I got out of the place and my family is scared of me, and my older brother is the only one who cares 14: I start high school scared but excited
13: I keep telling myself I was…different 13: I kept telling myself i was fat 13: I thought no one like me but i guess wewe did.
11: I upendo all my Marafiki we all get alone so well. 11: My mom alisema I should stop eating so much and gets mad at me when i do something wrong. She yells at me like she used to yell at my dad, i guess she needed someone new to yell at.
9: I upendo summer and swimming. I think i want to be..a fashion designer when I'm older? au be like mommy! Because ever little girl wants to be like there mommy.
8: Daddy keeps crying and saying sorry to me over the phone and that he didn't mean to. 8: Daddy sends a card for krisimasi for the last time. 8: I never heard from Daddy again.
7: My other mommy had to go vist her daddy because he got really sick. Daddy came into my room late last night, he had a horrible smell on his lips when he tried to kiss me. It was dark in the room so i couldn't see what he was doing, but he touched a lot in weird places. He also made me touch him and he alisema if i told anyone he'd hurt me like he did mommy.
6:Daddy lives in a different state now and is married to someone else. Daddy still likes to drink a lot and likes to watch me a lot, but he seems happy with my other mommy.
3: Mommy and daddy are still fighting over me. Daddy hit mommy hard and made her cry, she kicked daddy out that night.
2: Daddy and mommy are fighting a lot, i don't know why. they get so loud sometimes they wake me up when I'm sleeping in my room. My older brother says this is what happened before when his daddy and are mommy were together, and his daddy ended up hitting mommy.