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This forum is where I am going to write down parts and bits of whom my character(s) past hold. SO, get ready and try finding out who your reading about. Results are shocking as hell! XD

Characters here are all prepared to blow your mind away. Either romantically or dangerously in tears or with you wanting to bust the screen to help them. From life changing happiness to sadness or sadness to happiness, you will adore them.

Punk Bites,
SG <3
 This foramu is where I am going to write down parts and bits of whom my character(s) past hold. SO, ge
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Dream Diary 13 majibu

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Set Souls Free- {___ Past} Guess who!!

"Let me start off simple. I wasn't the healthiest child in the world but I lived not in the city nor the country. My father and mother were together, and even married. I was the first child. My father was Okero Bond as for my mother was Ami. We had no friends allowed over. But let me start at the beginning. Okero and Ami seemed to love each other. They dis-obeyed the king and ran off from the kingdom, having me, there was problems. Deep problems."
"I wasn't the healthiest child born, and all I did was look up to the ceiling. My father thought on killing me to save them. He thought I was a cursed child. But mother insisted to accept me, so they kept me. I looked just like mother, just paler. Okay, a lot paler. Anyways, there was something wrong. Maybe it was me or my father. Possibly my mother. Or maybe the house itself. Whatever it was:I saw it, heard it, touched it, talked to it, and absorbed it. I bet you wonder what it is, right?"

Memory: The memory is pale like light, showing a fragile little girl who is sitting on the floor of her bedroom and smiling at someone. But when it shows the face, they have an unfamiliar body with a daggering look, his smile is full of daggering teeth sharp like shiny white knives and his eyes are white too but with two black stripes across.
She looks at the creature and smiles, the little she laughs, "I enjoy your company Mizeow"
Mizeow smiles and his paws are claws of long blades, his body is the shape of a skinny demon, maybe that's what he is but whatever he is, touched her hand.
The child laughed and smiled at Mizeow, "your my friend right?"
His voice was so dry like chalk or the sun against the desert land, "friends."

"Whatever he was, his name was Mizeow. He was the only one to understand me. But he did something terrible. Because of me finding a friend an not returning home for the day, Mizeow became furious and hurt so he cursed us. He did something to us. My father and Mother had four children at the time. Me, the twins, Rukki and Paige, but then Mizeow ruined it all. My mother was expecting another child, when it came, something was even more wrong. They named the child Zurra, and had two more children. Seven of us." she sighed.
"Mizeow and I still talked. I didn't know what the hell he was. But now I do, and now I am the mistake. For Mizeow was what trapped my soul. He seemed to care, but no human can take a soul and he definitely wasn't a human. My father, Okero became ill. I wondered why and so did Ami, my mother. But when I touched dad's arm that night I saw him, Mizeow hissed at me and chanted that he would win. That he would become my ruler and consume the power such a foolish child could have." The girl blinked away the tears of pain.
"Just then, I realized Mizeow was after me the whole entire time. He grew something more for me." she touches the young boy's shoulder and blew a breeze on his neck which gives shivers.
"He was like that. Only made your whole body freeze up as his eyes look into our puny souls. laughed at our weakness and controlled our father before his eyes. Mother had another child not know it was the child of a monster. All of the things Mizeow and I have ever talked about was happiness and being friends forever. Mizeow... he was so evil and bitter at the end. For he was more than just a friendly demon at first. He was only sucking the light out of my eyes.."
"You see," takes the boy's hands again and it showed her hiding away with a few of her siblings in the dark past, "This is what we did every day. And when he found us," pulls away, "their deaths were not the prettiest.. but he did worst."
The boy shivers in the slightest chill of fear and asked, "what did he do?"
She takes her hand away from the boy and starts to cry, remember everything as if it was yesterday, “Mizoew, he controlled my father, outraged when mother and the child died. Was home with us.. Broke everything... starting off with the precious vase on the counter, smashed it into my twin brother Charleston's face, blood was everywhere. My hands red from it and cut when I pulled him away! he then got to the other twin, jack, threw his head at the fireplace, made his skin melt and laughed as he wailed in pain... He took Rukki from my arms and sliced her arms and to her stomach, thinking that her life was a puny part... He snatched the other children and told them to count to three, head banging one and another, slicing their necks open with his own hands... I was the only one left... the only one he could control.. To attack.. But he only did worse.. He said to me, ‘I have my ways one day or another, wish to live?’ ...But how am I supposed to know what to say when I am just eleven. I replied so stupidly with a shrug and watched as jack's head was inflamed... I didn't know what this meant.. I thought that maybe when Mizoew left.. That I could whisper in my siblings’ ears and tell them that it was okay... but Mizoew wasn't finish.”
The girl clenched her fist, “No, he wasn't finished at all. He wanted something more.. He touched my shoulder with Ozero's bloody hand, and whispered for me to follow him. I did so as I was told.” She blinks hard, “I couldn't believe at such a young age, I was battling with this thing... this monster... someone that I called my friend.. Something I should say.. But he ate the souls of my siblings so I couldn't save them like how I planned. Mizoew started to overrule me. Demand things from me too. Told me I had to or my soul would be his dinner. Of course, I obeyed. He told me to cut myself to feel loved, to feel darkness, and to put all the hate I have for him on the force of the blade against my skin.. He murdered my family before my own eyes... took everything away by just one mistake... it was me. I was that one mistake.. For Mizoew, he would throw things at me... slash deeply into my skin,” she sits up and turns her back to Cole and lifts her shirt up slightly to show a deep slash, “He made more over and over for me to obey. And soon it was the ending,” she pulls her shirt down again and then shows him her wrist and reveals it, “he made a symbol on me to make me remember forever of him. Because even when he had abused me and tormented me with the death of my family, he still fed me and made me stop crying on some days. Sooner or later, he continuously... did something awful I should say... *rubs her tummy* And at age fourteen I was the one pregnant...
She sniffles from the tears that are already down her cheeks, “But that wasn't the worst, because of this at age eight, Mizoew had killed me and watched as I came back alive as a test to see if I was the Empire Key. I was. So this child was all he ever wanted all along. Now think... Fourteen and pregnant because a demon creature did something awful in her dad's body.. Think about it.. It’s sick. Terrible. And no child nor woman should go through it.. Am I right?” she sighs, “At three months, it was showing.. Damn, was that a pain.. Mizeow was thrilled but I on the other hand, wanted to end it.. So I thought of everything that wasn't suicide... and that was to make Mizeow kill me. Like when I was eight, I was sure he would lash out. But he was so calm towards me no matter what. Mizeow said so many things, he stopped beating me and no longer lashed out.
That's when one night, I went to the kitchen, in soaked tears, and was nonstop at stabbing myself where the baby was held. Mizeow felt it or heard from my wines when he ran down stairs to find me bleeding to death. Finally able to live with my family. But Mizeow disagreed. He whimpered and took the blade remembering what he said to me when I was eleven. In anger of himself, my father's body was no longer him. He was actually a handsome human for the looks but his heart was consumed in such darkness. He whimpered over this, and while I watched in blurry vision, he continually said, ‘I have my ways one day or another, wish to live?’
This time, I shook my head violently and he seemed to cry more at my response.” She sighs, “He took away the pain and everything, holding my hand like this,” takes the boy’s hand and hooks two fingers to his, “He was healing me and taking the baby away, he knew he had done wrong, but what he said made me understand more clearly. But then, with one look at him as he struggled, he could only manage to say, ‘I thought you loved me like how I loved you.’” She let’s go of the boy’s hand. “And there, another loved one slipped out of my hands..."
The girl's dog whimpers and licks one of her clenched fist and waited for her to pet him but he had nothing in return for she had hidden her face in a pillow sobbing.
She lifts her face up from the pillow a bit so that he can hear her more easily. "You know, it's not easy to watch someone fade out of your hands. I knew all along. I could sense his feelings before he could say my name."
She pets her puppy, "I guess as a child, something like Mizeow was unpredictable in my young eyes... he could only manage to say, "I thought you loved me like how I loved you."... as the last sentence before he took himself away. He killed my father within minutes before coming down the stairs to find me. I remember Mizeow so perfectly that I choke at the pictures I see. He looks venom full. Maybe he is. Or maybe he was just someone or something looking for love.
He ran down the stairs. Tried keeping me from going with my family and whimpered when he took the blade away. remember what he said to me at age eleven saying, 'cut to the max to feel loved, to feel darkness, and to put all the hate for me on the force of the blade against my skin.'
Even after that very day, I still see everything perfectly. But I had been running for years away from the police at one point because I was a girl who went to town alone. Now, they don't mess with me ever since we started the band. At age sixteen, we already made our first album. Impressing? I like to think so. "
"You see, I have barely any happiness from that past. But I forgot to tell you one thing.. That child, the only reason why I killed my baby was because it was sinned. The child would have been like its father. Possibly evil and dark. I didn't want to watch him or her suffer the way Mizeow did. I thought what I did was the right thing. The only thing actually. "
She sighs, "I thought he was a monster and nothing but some beast at one point. I began to hate myself for this. Thinking I was childish and selfish. But I was just vulnerable. Vulnerable for a friend. Vulnerable for someone to understand. I even prayed to a god I didn't believe in and Mizeow came around a few weeks after that. I know what a coincidence," she shakes her head, "But of course I guess the world was just awaiting for the better me. The life span I have could have been a lot shorter," she sits up, head low and a pillow to her stomach, "all the marking he made on me, I can hide every single one. But Mizeow has hurt me everywhere.
My stomach. My thighs. My cheeks, forehead, and neck. Ears. Eyes. head. Legs. Arms and wrist. Feet. My heart for sure. Everywhere. My sanity was his favorite game to make misery.
After all that I've been through, I found myself. Yes, my true self. Sounds surprising probably but Mizeow was a large part of me. To tell you the truth, I don't even know if he was real. As if, it was father all along and Mizeow was my force of imagination. But no, Mizeow had to be real. He had to been."
"You see boy, I love to help others because I let something so sinister get to me. I am secretly handicapped if I let my wounds show because my heart possibly could start falling at any moment, that's why I don't enjoy being alone on stage without Hemia or one of the girls with me. Well, Mizeow taught me that life is precious. Very precious. "
"Every once in a while I see my father maybe watching from the corners of a building and I intentionally freeze up because I know Mizeow is still watching over me. Or sometimes it's not my father but maybe one of my siblings. The only time Mizeow thought it was okay to show himself to me, I screamed so loud in the mall and ran away. he was frighten that others would see him and disappeared himself. He knows that he can never come back or take back all of what he did. He knows never that he can because there's no existence to him capable if it." She sighs.
"My life was complicated. For I became home alone at age fourteen. Mizeow did one nice thing and helped me burry my family in the woods together. He was not completely evil but he was for surely not completely good. Sir, I hope you do not take this all the wrong way. I know it sounds terrible to hear such things as Mizoew and the death of my family.." She wipes away her last tears whilst forcing herself to stop,
"I am sorry to be telling you my concerning. Please forgive me, I don't mean to make your heart grieve in such engulfing sadness."

~ Story Written by SG
(In the role-play of Wolfy and Me XD because I know a lot of people love the female character so good luck finding out who she is! XD Wolfy can't help!)
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“They say before you start to a war that you need to know what you’re fighting for. As for in love and war means worlds collide and hearts get broken. You better know what you’re fighting for is what my father always said. But my mother told me to fight what I believe in because believers do that every day as they continue dreaming it. My sister said once that she was living, but knowing that she was going to die. I on the other hand, she explained, did something unthinkable in the future that will change a lot of things. Taking out holy water is no use to our advantage against sin if itself has been poisoned, am I right?” ~Zeldi


“I felt it run through my body, flow in my veins, and make my feet run without my control. But whatever this thing is, it’s running for itself. Maybe it happened to just save me when it started to make me run from those guards or maybe it didn’t. I do know, that this thing is important to the Dark Side. So I am guessing it is an evil spirit unleashed. Maybe it’s Jumalan kuoleman. Which is the God of Death himself. Fucking scary is the only two words I heard about Jumalan kuoleman without hearing cries after cries.” ~Henki

Quoted, just got to love these two boys <3
And Jumalan kuoleman isn't whom you would expect it to be.. *evil grin*
 “They say before wewe start to a war that wewe need to know what you’re fighting for. As for in lov
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita SongGirl50701 said…
Vertonica~ VT

I don't claim picture
 Vertonica~ VT I don't claim picture
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita SongGirl50701 said…
~~~~You won't know who this is! XD ~~~
House of Cards

I was just eight years old.
Perfect for their abduction.
The exception to betrayal and the beginning to the end.
A joke.
Their card in the poker game.
But with one mistake, I was over.

So now, I’m in this cold and dark life.
If that’s even what I am allowed to call it, but I wouldn’t dare say it.
I don’t remember how this occurred.

The last thing I was allowed to remember was how the food tasted here.
It was terrible.
Stale and dry but I haven’t ate anything for a while so it was a tasty soul for an amateur at catching them.
Yes, I said a soul.
I know it’s probably strange, but what else does someone like me eat?
What is there to eat?
And what does it mean to eat something other than someone?

I don't understand this world in the far outsides.
In the near sides of the darkness, I'm sure I don't know about that either.
Although, I feel something.
That's abnormal here.
Because there's nothing but us.
As in us, I mean the deadly ones.
The ones who are dead inside but our bodies still follow our ancestors past and possesses.
We're the something or someone who retains souls.

That's right.

We enjoy to eat other souls.
Since we can't understand or find ours.

I think it's gross.
Only, the power to the soul is absolutely delicious.
So you wouldn't understand unless you had a soul touch your raw tongue and bring power for your voice to be heard.
Last time I had that soul, I could only hum for a bit.
But my head was slammed against the wall by my master when I did so.

See why I don't speak?
I only have these thoughts.
These weird lightheaded thoughts that bring me to that point.
That point in life were you felt like you were in the shadows of a person's heart.
It is uncomfortable.
That very feeling made me feel like everything needed to end.
Oh wait, it already had.

Written By SG:

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Dear Writers,

Give Me Something To Read About...

Punk Bites,

P.s. Put those pretty paws up
 Dear Writers, Give Me Something To Read About... Punk Bites, XoXo SG P.s. Put those pret
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House of Cards

Of course, my thoughts wouldn't know anything.
It's strange that I can even think of these things.
I bet the others don't experience this.
And even if they did, they're probably extinguished by now from the Lord.
So once again, I won't speak a word.
Not even a "hi" or "soul".

Now that's low.
Lower than what my human soul was probably.
Was I human?
Oh great, now I'm back to phase one.
Wondering on who the hell I am.

I wonder now that if I was a human;
Have I ever lost myself?
Is this why I'm here?
Did I lose my inner voice?
Is that why I'm silent?

Maybe I never had a voice at all.
Did voices actually matter?
What are we suppose to actually use our voice for?
To raise it against each other?

If only what humans called a heartbeat was in my so called decayed chest.
Beating to some tune and with my feet moving to a pace.
Fast or slow or delicately.
Oh, what was that called?
Humans use to do that all the time.
It started with a 'D.
I remember that much because of my master going to the events here.
All I know is that you can be alone or with another figure.
Somehow it can be elegant or groovy.

That's why they use it for the Awakening.


Written By: SG
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Explain To Me This Conspiracy Against Me.
Tell Me.
Because You Said That We Can Make It Through,
Even From My Insecurity.
 Explain To Me This Conspiracy Against Me. Tell Me. Because wewe alisema That We Can Make It Through,
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita SongGirl50701 said…
Where's My Place In This Story?
 Where's My Place In This Story?
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita SongGirl50701 said…
….ℒℴѵℯ…...ﻨร բօгενεг ъεէաεεռ սร...

 SG~ ☠_♍ᎯᏑᏐᎯ ♏ᎯᎦᎧᏁ_☠ ….ℒℴѵℯ…...ﻨร բօгενεг ъεէաε
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House of Cards

The Awakening doesn't sound so bad.
Cause it's a bittersweet symphony playing in our cold dead hearts.
The movement of our feet and as our hands pull together or separate.
Were our bond is together and at the end departs from each other.
Just like life.
The bond is the blood of the family but at the end of you, you depart from them.

Sounds sad.
Except, it's beautiful here.

I guess I don't know the meaning of beautiful, but I just think it looks better than us.

Now, if my master was hearing these thoughts; then my head would be rammed into the wall.

I heard that word before but I don't know what it means.
Although, the girls down the block say that I am child abused.
Must mean I'm worse than what I thought.

Yesterday I got to look in a mirror.
I don't know what yesterday exactly is so I am just guessing here, but I was amazed.
In that mirror, I saw this being.
She looked tall with dirty hair but it some how looked clean and nice.
Unlike everyone else here who was a child, she didn't look the same.
I smiled at her.
She smiled at me.
That was a good start.

Written By: SG
 ~~~ [u]House of Cards[/u] [b]Part3[/b] The Awakening doesn't sound so bad. Right? Cause it's
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Kitty Kitty! ~ *meow*
 <33333 Kitty Kitty! ~ *meow*
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita SongGirl50701 said…
Click on it.
 Click on it.