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I am any little girl behind that glowing computer screen
An anonymous user name, unknown person
New friends, Chatting with no end
Lies that tear people apart
www.’s and .com’s
Logins and log outs
New passwords galore
New games
All online websites
But know is the time for
Turning off, Logging off
Simply leaving the game
One last click of a mouse
One last Tipeity-Tipe of the keypad
One last close
One last IM
One last internet song
One last good-bye au G2G
So unplug into your own virtual world

- kwa Ellen Love: Poem Girl
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T-T wow what an attention seeking makala name it basically screams out: "READ ME cuz it has the word secret in the name"... also its written in my diary T-T

Well yeah, the reason I had chose that name is because honestly I didn't know what to name the makala *shrugs* I decided to write out my feelings... but why post it? Well, because I want other's opinions and just the fact that once somethings on the web it doesn't feel so lonely anymore, the main problem is once someone see's it, wewe can't really take it back anymore :/
I might regret posting this, ssh shut up wolfcat, you're gunna talk...
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15: I met wewe and everything seems perfect now. i feel save and loved when I'm in your arms, and your the first man that i've been able to trust in a long time. 15: Loss my V card on the siku my inayopendelewa band broke, while eating Candy and watching my inayopendelewa movie to someone i love. 15: Im healthy and happy and I'm proud of myself.
14: I weigh 109, yet i think I'm huge and gross? I think somethings wrong with me? 14: My Self-esteem is so long its in the negatives 14: I took to many pills one night because life became an endless down hill. 14: My parents found out i was insane, they sent me away...
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 Hall of Fame (cover?)
Hall of Fame (cover?)
Hall of Fame: A new book idea of the Goverment in dept with places like China and all kinds. The solution: Childrens futures.

about author:
With the aliyopewa birth Mariah Mason , I had come with this idea inspired kwa my friends. Marafiki help each other and bring smiles like gifts with designs on them.
i'm a nerd who wishes she needed glasses. i'm a song writing, soda drinking, non normal nerd who just turned thirteen this year. than's for checking this page out. Lol.

Wanna hear more:

The Government has four high schools that are college too. The schools are: Technology Academy, Mirror Academy, Vederemedic...
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Hotline Bling (COVER) kwa an amazing voice :3 MUST WATCH .
upendo it
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upendo it
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upendo it
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a video I made ^^ . it has one of my fave old songs
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 wewe guys, it's me!
You guys, it's me!
-The drums beat like the speed of rockets. Our pockets are empty, but our hearts are filled. WIth the speed of rockets, the blast off, leaving us with heavy dew. Heavy smoke. Cheers and through that, stands us-

_Guess who's back!
_That's right! It's me ;33
__I've missed everyone so much.
___I think I'm doing better.
____I'm a bit excited to find out if I am as well!

_Anyone else?
_How are wewe guys in fact?
__It's been tough but I couldn't leave like that.
___I'm very sorry.
____I know I owe someone who's very sweet, a very deep apology.
_____She deserves it zaidi than anyone..

_SO, I see we're not that active.

_Have no fear wewe guys!

_I'm thinking about making a new UPDATED version of Dream Diary on another club.

_A new club.

_Where we all can decide on the names.

_Maybe it'll be a chatting group for RP's and chats.

_Do wewe guys like the sound of that?

Talk to everyone very soon!
-kiss kiss on the cheek-