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Courtney was lying on the couch, her socked feet propped up. Duncan was sitting inayofuata to her feet, and Alex and Daniel were sleeping soundly on the loveseat.

"I'm gonna take them up." Courtney spoke up, her eyes leaving the televisheni screen in front of them.

"I got it." Duncan interrupted, as he pushed Courtney back down on the couch, and went to pick up Alex and Daniel from the chair.

Courtney raised a suspicious eyebrow as to why he was being so nice all of a sudden.

"Mhmm." was all Courtney could mutter before letting her eyes follow Duncan up the stairs with their kids. She couldn't help but...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(It all started after The Total Drama Series ended. Owen and Izzy, Harold and LeShawna got back together, Geoff plans to propose to Bridgette on a special day, Duncan broked up with Gwen when she was cheating on him with Trent but decided to stay Marafiki with her, Trent and Gwen got back together and Courtney decided that she wanted to change. She ended her friendship with Alejandro after she knew he is lying, evil, spanish guy, and she started being zaidi nicer, she studies for her law career, she and Duncan got back together with no problems. Later, they are going steady and they started making...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Trent took me to red lostber and bought everything! It was amazing! When we were talking he grabbed my hand and kissed it.then he alisema he wanted to ask me something.He started kwa saying

"I like wewe alot and i wanted to know if...." Then he got bothered kwa duncan. Duncan sat down kwa me and started eating our chakula and everything else.

Right now im on duncans motorcyle hes driving me nyumbani because trent left mad.God i hate him!

"So princess what are wewe doing for the rest of the night?"

"Im going nyumbani and im going to sleep!" i alisema hitting him in the head.

"Princess we need to talk.....about us"

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posted by crystalpotato
After my world got turned upside down Jason hitting me and Duncan being the good guy my mind kinda exploded. I been hanging around Duncan Alot mainly for protection and Duncan deserved to be with his babys mother. Unfourtunetly Jason dosen't know about that part. I'm starting to get a tummy. So I've been lying to Jason zaidi freqeuntly saying I've been putting on weight and promisiesing him I'd get rid of it after au before our wedding. That's when my baby was due.
Poor Duncan after I got married and left the series he might never see his baby again. Stupid T.V. i wish i didnt meet that wonderful...
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~Easy come.Easy Go. That's just how wewe live ohh take take take it all but wewe never give~ I stood there in my room, me and Duncan got back together but it just doesn't feel right. He took a lot of my money but won't say thanks au give me something in return. ~Should've known. wewe was trouble from the first kiss.Had your eyes wide open.Why were they open?~ I remembered back on TDI when we had our first kiss.It just didn't feel right.Bridgette alisema she was watching and his eyes was open the whole time,well until the end of it.Everyone kept telling me he was trouble but i couldn't see through...
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Hi, everyone, this is for IAD, and I know your waiting for the TwoShot of Kung Fu fighting, I am almost finish. I just haven't been allowed on the computer lately, that's why. Okay so this story is kinda freaky, but I just loved this picture I saw on devintart so let's begin.

Crying was easy, but the feeling was killing.

Just when I starting falling zaidi in upendo with you, the worst happens; that decieving little monster inside wewe breaks through, and crushes ever single piece of my heart...that wewe had put together.

I tried harder...
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posted by reyfan01
Its been three years since total drama world tour.And where is Duncan?In an old apartment,in montreal.He still has green hair,but in scruffy streaks mixed with his black hair.His eyebrow ring is gone and his unibrow has been shaved to become two brows.Why?To change how he looks so the cops don't recognize him.

He sloppily enters his apartment room.Dirty yellow walls with the paint ripped out, a busted out 1990 tv set,a small gray kitanda and old armrest chair he took from the junkyard, and the jikoni whic h is basically one meza, jedwali and chair with a ugly tile counter with empty cabinets and an...
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posted by Fallintomyarms
Courtney's P.O.V : I will not cry anymore. I will not weep. I refuse to argue a pointless arguement with myself again. I will not sit here and waste my life over a pointless, stupid, jerk, pig, waster of precious air of a man. Its time for action. Now.

Next morning at school.

I tried to ignore the kissing duo across the side to me. "It. Doesn't. Matter. Anymore." I told myself. After my throwing things into my locker. I made my way over to chemistry class, "Hey Courtney? When you're done weeping over me, why don't we have a chat?" Duncan yelled loud enough for the entire school to hear. Thats...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I"m about 6 months pregnant.I'm fat.Our wedding siku is in 5 days.I hated i was going to be pregnant on my wedding siku but it was worth it.

"Duncan going over lindsay's"

"Hurry back babe!" he yelled from the back room.

"I won't" i alisema teasing him.

I drove to her house and opened the door to hear

"Welcome courtney tpo your bridal shower"

"Thanks guys!"

I hugged everyone there (Every gilr from tdi was there)

"Courtney i want to congrats wewe on this amazing night.and i want this to be the baby's first PJ"

It was a shati that had Chris's face on it and under it,it alisema uncle chris.

"I upendo it Chris thank...
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Duncan pulled in to the movie theater to see Geoff's rusted truck in the parking lot.He walked to the thearter to see bridgette and Geoff waiting for him.He walked up to him and bumped fist with Geoff and said"so ready go see a good spoof?".
"hold on we got to wait for my littel cuz,she is in the rest room",said bridgette with her arm around Geoff.
Duncan got interupted kwa a cute high pitch voice calling out bridgette,duncan geuss it was her cuz so he trund around to get a srpruise,instade of a lttel girl,he saw a hot 16 mwaka old;she was about 5'4;duncan like short girls so he can tower...
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posted by Depressed671
Courtney's POV:
I sat in my chair, waiting for the Aftermath to start, we were shooting it in Hawaii, I would be hyped, but giving that I have a child growing inside me, it's best that I keep my mouth shut...

Duncan's POV:
I sat inayofuata to Gwen, staring at Courtney, I was happy to see she was okay, but also pissed off to know that she didn't even talk to me.... I mean, she's carrying MY baby for God's sakes... Well, then agaibn, maybe she didnt wanna talk to me because she didn't want to involved... wait, that still pisses me off... I WANNA BE PART OF IT, GOD DAMMIT!! Dude, I'm going crazy, I'm...
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posted by dXcFan14
I was sitting in science class, a few dakika before the lesson started.

"Hey Courtney" the teacher, Miss Jackson, greeted me.

"Hey Miss Jackson" I replied happily.

I loved science, it was so fun when we did the practicals with chemicals. And I got my first A+ in this class, too.

The students started filing in and sat down at their assigned seats.

I was the only one who didn't have a partner, so I stuck my hand up and alisema "Miss Jackson? I don't have a partner"

"Oh, he'll be here-" she was interrupted kwa the door opening and banging shut.

"I'm here. Where's my seat?" a punk, who I recognized as Duncan...
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posted by tdilovestories

In the movie the young millionaire DOC JOANS (Cody Monteeth) and his new bride, SAMANTHA JOANS (Gwen Barnhill) songesha to London during the early 1900s and everything seems normal until MATHEW NEWMAN (Tyler Hayes) shows up clamming to be SAMANTHA’S former lover. While SAMANTHA works to insure her husband that MATHEW is lying, DOC finds proof that his beautiful bride is trying to kill him, but he doesn’t know what/who to believe………

RAITED: R for violence


In this movie Courtney Gomez and Duncan Meyers nyota as themselves along side Lind May, Molly Sun, and...
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posted by Lollipop97
Courtney's POV.




"Hello?" I answered my cellphone.

" Hi Princess, do wewe want to watch a movie tonight?"

"Uhm Yeah, sure!"

"Okay perfect! I'll pick wewe up at 7:00!"

"Okay bye!"


Then he hung up. I looked at my watch, and saw it was 5:00. "Shit i only have 2 hours to get dressed!" i thought to myself. I took a showr and found my inayopendelewa dress. It was a purple, short dress. I relly loved it, because it was so simple. I got dressed, and put on my make-up, and waited for Duncan. It did'nt take him so long to come.

"Hey Beautiful" He alisema and gave me a hug. "Ready for the movie?"

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I could sense the tension between the two girls as they growled at eachother.

'Feisty... Just the way I like 'em' i smirked at Courtney.

"Come on Duncan, were already 10 dakika late" Courtney sighed and pouted adorably as she reached for my hand.

"No, wewe alisema wewe were gonna skip class with me!" Heather shrieked.

"Well..." i was interrupted kwa Courtney.

"But, what about school?" she cried.

"Who give's a flying fuck about school? Exactly, no-one does!" Heather shouted.

I was confused as to what and why they were arguing.

"I give a flying eff about school" Courtney looked at me shyly.

I just wanted to...
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Courtney went to the door and opened it, it was a blonde girl who looked like Lindsay and asked, "WHO ARE YOU!?" and smakced her gum.

"Duncan, is THIS wewe ex-girlfriend."

"Yeah, thats her." Then a bila mpangilio girl name Kirstyn I learned who was a maid at the hotel pulled out a bazooka and shot the ex-girlfriend and dragged her away and through the carcass out the widow of the hotel. (That part was for kamkat10)

"That was her." The maid put a finger to her lips and whistled and continued...
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posted by tdilovestories
this picks up were tdilovestory2a stoped off.

in courtney's point of view:

"Guys!!!!!!" Duncan was yelling at his brothers.

"Dude! Who is the hot chick?" asked one of duncan's brother's Marafiki asked walking up to Duncan's door (His brother's were standing their with a smirk on their face, staring at me)

"Get out!" shouted duncan, he was shifting his body infront of me so that they couldnt see me.

" Make me!" yelled one of his brothers. He was getting really mad, and I knew I had to calm him down, frankly I didnt really care.

"Duncan," I alisema moving out from behind him (still only wearing me...
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Rated M

Chapter 7: Melting

Courtney woke up feeling numb to the bone. Her muscles felt like jelly while her legs and vulva felt sore. Duncan had her back firmly pressed against his chest with one hand resting on her breast. She felt so warm and heavenly being held in his arms, she couldn't even believe she was here. She was sure this had to be some kind of crazy dream, how could it get any better?

"Morning sunshine."

Courtney automatically smiled as she moved against him lovingly. She could only hum in response too tired to use her voice. Duncan buried his face in her hair and softly rubbed the...
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Rated M

He was going to kill her, right after he killed Justin. Justin was obviously crushing on Courtney and she was encouraging it! "Sir Justin, I want wewe to know that I hope wewe rescue me!"

He tried to make up for his earlier fault at not paying her a compliment. "C'mon I was just kidding about the compliment. You're cute OK! I like your face, it's nice!"

She didn't even look back. They were supposed to be keeping their relationship secret but as far as everyone knew there was still potential for reconcile. Justin had no say when it came to him and Courtney.

He was still mesmerized kwa her amazing...
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My POV: some of this story is gonna be Duncan's thoughts but not all of it you'll see what I mean once wewe read the story

----------------------------------------- DxC story 😊

Duncan/narrator POV:

So here's a story bout a girl and boy who ever were so passionate Never showed embarrassment there never was comparison compared to their relationship, 'cause they were so well together. But sometimes they couldn't make their mind up like the Melbourne weather. But they were perfect, yeah they were the best team. Chilling in the kitanda sheets with lip stick on his left cheek from the kisses she's giving...
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