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This Duncan and Courtney picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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posted by DXCLOVER97
This is my first small smut story about DXC.
Courtney was heartbroken. Duncan cheated on her with Gwen in TDWT.
She cried and cried all siku and all night. She didn't eat anything in the last week.
She just stayed, locked in her bedroom, not talking to a soul.
Then one night, she heard rocks tapping on her window and her name in little whispers.
She wiped her puffy red eyes and went to her window. Her onyx eyes wided.
There he is, Duncan, in his usual clothes.
"D-D-Duncan?" Courtney asked to the bad boy.
"Yeah, Princess,...
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posted by lolibarbie
Okay! I am so sorry I did not finish my series today. There are two zaidi parts, I will try to finish the series ASAP!  But I could not wait to write this, my inayopendelewa song just happens to be the saddest song, like, EVER. So, I had to write a dxc fanfic to go with this. Like We Used To - A Rocket to the Moon. SADDEST SONG EVER! Btw this is gonna be like great because like duncan's thoughts are the song lyrics. Any time he nukuu the song it'll be bolded. 

Duncan's POV:

I just don't get it, when we were together that night in the sucky outdoors, I can feel her breath as she's...
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When we pulled into the driveway and went inside I turned to Duncan. "We can make the guest room our baby's nursery!" I told him as I ran up the stairs. Duncan didn't respond but he followed me up. "This is the perfect size for a baby nursery!" I alisema aloud. "Sure, princess." Duncan ametoa maoni with a smile. I ran into his arms and he held me tight. We then went into our room and went to bed.
The inayofuata Morning...

I woke up and Duncan was still snoring beside me. I smiled as I nudged him a little. He woke up and opened his perfect blue eyes, he smiled at me....
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*phone rings*
"hello."said courtney sleepy."hey wats up?"said duncan very happy."oh is u duncan,look i going to talk to u later u know that if my mom wakes up and sees me talking to u she will kill me!luv ya!"said courtney hanging up."omg is so early why will duncan wake me up at 5:00am?'courtney asked her self.
*at bridgette's house*
"geoff get up!geoff!geoff!!!!!!!(bridgette slaps geoff)""wat was that for?"said geoff."courtney want me to go with her to the club.can u come with me?"asked bridgette."no!im too sleepy and me and duncan r going to watch the football game that tyler is playing tonight."said...
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Before the start. . . YAY I CAN WALK!! Okay, big thing, big thing. . . XD Okay, to be serious? This part De-Di-Ca-Ted to Soxfan and James XD wewe guys rule the comments! For serious, wewe do!

Oh, and second? Just so wewe know it, i'm not a HxA protestiant, i like 'em, but it need to fit the story ya know, and sometimes upendo hurts! i know eeeverything 'bout that! Just ask everyone i know! Somehow, everyone i know, have seen me, when i became hurt in any possible way! Kind of creepy. . .

Argh, well, story time!


I was shocked! At one time i was...
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posted by dxcfan
Okay, this might be a little sad. So enjoy the short little story I'm producing. I'm also adding the song Tear Drops on my Guitar kwa Taylor Swift.

All thought about was him. All I wanted was him, but I knew would never have him.Drew, looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see.

I couldn't come to the point to express what I wanted, because I was afraid what others might think. And here, I watch as another girl sucks his lips with her's.That I want and I'm needing...everything that we should be.

All I knew was that she had him and I didn't.I bet she's...
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I could sense the tension between the two girls as they growled at eachother.

'Feisty... Just the way I like 'em' i smirked at Courtney.

"Come on Duncan, were already 10 dakika late" Courtney sighed and pouted adorably as she reached for my hand.

"No, wewe alisema wewe were gonna skip class with me!" Heather shrieked.

"Well..." i was interrupted kwa Courtney.

"But, what about school?" she cried.

"Who give's a flying fuck about school? Exactly, no-one does!" Heather shouted.

I was confused as to what and why they were arguing.

"I give a flying eff about school" Courtney looked at me shyly.

I just wanted to...
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posted by james55
D.j-it's it's it's


Chris-dude are wewe ok

Geoff-no I think I broke my leg

Chris-ok me and d.j have to take geoff bact to the camp while wewe 3 look for courtney ok


Beth-ya we can be a team

Duncan-no I'm not going with them

Chris-yes wewe are


Chris-because i'm the boss and I say so


Lindsay-ok let's go

Beth-um let's look up there near the tree

Duncan-no where going the other way

Beth-fine (bully)



What will happen inayofuata time will they find courtney will geoffs leg get better all that and zaidi inayofuata time on the missing group
posted by milorox18
it's a series of DxC songfics! I'll be doing a different storyline each time. But each story will either be about how their relationship started‚ what duncan au courtney thinks of the other‚ au whatever‚ it will just be about them. I know for surely some songs i'm doing‚ but i'm also taking suggestions. i might take them‚ au i might not‚ but i appreciate it if wewe do‚ and if it's really good‚ i'll give wewe a prop. and if wewe could give me some ideas for the songs i am doing‚ it would be really great!

here are the songs i'm doing:

All the Right Moves- OneRepublic
America's Suithearts-...
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