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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This Duncan and Courtney picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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season 1
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"Courtney are wewe coming tonight?"

"I dont know yet i might"

"Courtney its the last night of high school then
we are adults"she alisema reminding me

"Yea so what? I need to start fousing on
college"I alisema reminding her about my dream.

"Courtney plans change wewe need to understand that" she alisema grabbing her vitabu out of my

"Bridgette i upendo wewe but wewe are on crack" I alisema giggling

"Court please come my party wouldnt be able
to be fun without you"

"You act like i always bring the fun..."

"Courtney wewe do wewe are my best friend" she
said giving me a hug.

"Ill see if i can escape tonight and come...
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Hi guys, sorry for the wait and this part is only Duncan's POV.

Duncan's POV

buzz buzz buzz

Oh what, oh it's just my alarm going off so I open my eyes to see what's going on and the clock reads 6:30 so I get up, get dressed and head down stairs for breakfast.

After that I start to walk up t the bus stop with Bridgette and I see Courtney's already up there like always. But there's something I didn't thing was possible, Sadie & Jasper are in the same place at the same time! And they don't...
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GREAT DUNCAN JUST GREAT! Now, WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE! "Calm down Court! We can hitch hike." "Im, not hichikeing with you!" UH SHE CAN BE SO DIFFICULT! "The inayofuata town is like, twenty miles from here Let alonw CALIFORNA!" "Whatever" She alisema I fallowed her but kept a fair distance. When we met up again she sat down inayofuata to me and I offered her some cheese puffs...Wait, she doesn't eat junk, taka food... But she takes some anyway. "Do wewe have anything to dring?" She asks me. I hand her a beer...And she only takes a sip. I do this cool trick where I take a pen And stab it upward into the can....
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posted by DxCisCute
Courtney:Ha the last test and then summer! Duncan:Thats what I'm saying. Gwen:I agree with Duncan. Duncan:O...K? Courtney:What are wewe doing after school? Duncan:Nothing you. Courtney:I'm staying at my house would wewe like to come watch a movie au something. Duncan:Sure. Gwen:Me too I'll come too! Courtney:O...k? *At Courtneys house.* Courtney:What movie would wewe like to watch? Duncan:What kinda sinema do wewe have? Courtney:Mostly scary ones I have The Stepfather. Duncan:Cool I always wanted to see that. Gwen:Me too! *An saa into the movie and Gwen is sitting in the middle of them* Gwen:I...
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posted by FIREdancer
Thanx everyone i upendo ya not in a romantic way but thanx anyways i concider ya as friends!
__________________________________________________Duncan's P.O.V

I told courtney to wear somthing real smexy ,she just gave me an naughty grin and siad "how smexy?"and i answerd with "100%"i gave a wink to her she just siad to sit on the kitanda and smiled.

she went to the restroom and came out with an black mini secuent moyo sleeveless dress with
dimond boots.she then siad with a smile "is this
sexy?"i siad "hmmmm let me pick ya?"she siad "ok."

i went into her closet and picked black background pink pockadot...
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(at courtneys house)

Its almost chistmas-courtney
your gonna upendo what i got you-duncan
duncan i'll upendo it just because it came from you-courtney
do wewe want to do somthing special 4 chistmas-duncan
well whens the chistmas party-bridgete
its at my house at 6:30-geoff
ooh what a kick-gwen
can i feel-trent
woohoo i upendo chritmas-owen
izzy loves the holidays-izzy
i cant wait-katie
me neither-dj
(at the krisimasi party)
does everybody have there presents-bridgete
nyasi, nyasi kavu IDIOTS-heather
who invited the grinch?-duncan
oh haha-heather
me and noah just got hitched in vegas-heather
just leave-bridgete
fine see wewe idiots l8r-heather
nyasi, nyasi kavu were are the presents?-owen
i bet it was heather-duncan
i'll take care of it-duncan

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