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This Duncan and Courtney picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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Chris's POV: We got to where we will be shooting. wewe know camp Wawanakwa au something like that. We gave the "couples" their teams and rooms. Yea. OK! we made it a little zaidi privet but boy and girl must shair the room. HA HA HA!

Courtney's POV: Duncan and I got to our room. It was small and had two beds. (Thank GOD!) Duncan ploped down on his kitanda and I unpacked my things. "Well..." Duncan alisema " If the people say it's so we might as well... make the best of it..." Duncan tried to kiss me but I punched him in the gutt.

Duncan's POV: MAN! THAT HURT! I did not remember how strong her ngumi, punch is!...
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A fanfiction-ish thing, kinda, of Courtney's feeling when finding out about the whole Gwuncan kiss. Just felt like uandishi it, because Courtney went through like 10 different emotions during that thing and I thought I'd be fun to get inside her head. (PS I DO NOT BLAME GWEN FOR ANYTHING IN THE SITUATION, I ACTUALLY BLAME DUNCAN, BUT COURTNEY BLAMES GWEN SO W.E)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
She had acted like this before, the concern in her voice matched the tone...
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(A/N okay so frist of sorry this note is gonna be a bit long and sekunde I would just like to say thank wewe to every one that ametoa maoni and lastly I was a bit scared to post up the series because most of it is dungwen so plz don't kill me anyway on with the story)

he stood there waiting for the plane to land his moyo racing he hadnt seen her in weeks and alot can happen in a week. Eventually the plane landed and the passengers departed he kept looking for her but he couldn't see her. Suddnely two tan hands cuped over his eyes
"Guess who" a familer voice rang out
"Ummmmm this is a hard one I'm...
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"Do wewe think she's following us?"


"I won't! She thinks I'm cheating on her but making it seem like...she doesn't care when it's eating her inside out!"

"Duncan, get over yourself! You're not that hot!"

"Thanks for helping my self esteem!"

"Love wewe too bro!" 

Duncan turned his head slightly to the left, and there she was, he had to admit that she was a good spy but, he saw her!

"Great! Courtney's here!"

"Just act as if she's not here."

"Fine, so where do wewe think I should, well, wewe know..."



"Um, well, first things first, wewe gotta get permission from...
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