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I was kwa Duncan’s side all time but my fears were growing because if he wasn’t going to wake up before the sun set the doctor will stop the machines so he will die.
The doctor was stopping the machines so I was sobbing because Duncan was dying in front of me and I just couldn’t do anything about it. Finally I decided to try to talk to him.
I took his cold hand in mine then took a shivering breath.
“Duncan, it is Courtney. I am really sorry; if I haven’t made wewe mad wewe won’t drive that fast and be in that situation. I am begging wewe to pardon me...
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posted by crazy-yanu
Hola, estaba escuchando esta canción en radio y se me ocurrió que podría hacer un dxc… Además les debo una porque mi último capítulo de las aventuras de Duncan y sus hijos no me salió muy bien que digamos.
Espero que les guste y dejen reviews.
Pov de Duncan
Estábamos en el Caribe, ya que después de lo que había pasado en Hawai y de poner en riesgos nuestras vidas, Chris nos recompenso con una estadía allí y Geoof había organizado una fiesta.
Su novia Bridgette, estaba surfeando en las inmensas olas y cada tanto venia y pasaba tiempo de calidad con mi amigo, que se entretenía haciendo...
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Courtney se puso en medio de Lesawana y Hetder, y las separo. Courtney- dejen de pelearse por tonterías, actúen como adultas.
Lesawana-pero… ella dijo que mi ropa la compraba en baratas y que ella era más sexi que yo. En eso, Duncan se metió en la pelea. Duncan-en eso tiene razón. En ese momento, todos se dieron vuelta y fijaron sus ojos en Duncan y lo único que él pudo decir fue: Hola a todos, me extrañaron.
Luego se escucho un grito de terror en la habitación...
Harold-Duncan está de vuelta, mi vida se termino y salió corriendo de la allí hasta su habitación a esconderse debajo...
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Courtney’s POV


This wide, ecstatic smile breaks out on my lips as I open the door wide. I’m not sure if it’s sincere, it feels somewhat forced, but I ignore that. I mean, I am happy to see Josh. Overjoyed, in fact! Yeah, yeah…

“Hey, Courtney.” Josh says and pulls me into a hug. I return it uneasily, then remember how glad I am to see him—

Elated, actually! Entirely thrilled! Because he’s my boyfriend.

—and hug tighter.

When I pull away, I see that he’s wearing a crisp button-down shati and his hair has been gelled aptly. He looks…


“You must be Josh.” My...
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I stood with my mouth hanging open i shock. I swallowed before speaking, than choked out,"I'm sorry, I must be mistaken. Did wewe just say that-"

"We're moving, yes."He said, answer and finishing my question.

I looked at both crazy."What! We can't move, I-I have Marafiki here, and I have adapted to this area so well, and ow wewe want to take it all away from me."I complained, as I became louder than needed.

My mother rubbed her head."Honey, it's not a option, your father's job has been getting very low service and his boss believes, that in Mississippi, they well have better work progress."She exclaimed....
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Punto de vista de Duncan

Duncan fue total Drama Jumbo Jet reflexionar sobre lo que había ocurrido hace unas horas , el hecho de que Courtney había abandonado el programa simplemente porque no podía soportar estar con él y Gwen no lo dejó de tormento , es decir, habían pasado muchas cosas, pero siempre había vuelto a estar juntos .

Pero esta vez era diferente , el había cometido el error de confundir a Courtney con el gótico y que se han descubierto , lo único que hizo fue dejarse llevar por el momento , destruir el corazón de su sueño, dejarlo como un tonto en el nacional televisión,...
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posted by lemon1110
We were together all through tdi tda and tdm. But after that i had to say it was over. We were going back to our regular homes. Long distance relationships were impossible. But now, that we had all graduated high school, we were free! Free to live wherever we wanted! So everyone from tdi decided to live in the same city, we loved each other.(as Marafiki duhhh)As soon as i got off the airport and walked on to NYC, I looked for the only person i ever felt zaidi then upendo for. But yet there she was.
Where was he? I thought as i picked up my luggage. Then i felt arms closing around...
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Duncan rode his motorcycle straight to Courtney’s house without a clue as to what to tell her. Should he break up with her? He didn’t want to, not even a little. Should they try a long distance relationship? How long would that last au be enough?

As rode his motorcycle he sped up a little past the speed limit, he needed the speed, the adrenaline, the danger. It was the only thing that was going to calm him until he got to her. Unfortunately all the speed seemed to do was make him angrier. Why was the universe fucking with him like this? Why couldn’t he be some boyfriend who went to the...
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She felt good, she felt really good. She didn’t know if it was the drugs au just the fact that she was actually free from her usual duties but she felt unstoppable. She leaned her head back in the sweet euphoria taking over and closed her eyes as the wind passed through her hair.

‘I wish Duncan was here.’ Why she thought that she didn’t swali au bother shutting out, she just let her thoughts come freely and openly without objection.

Heather looked in her rear-view mirror and smirked evilly at Courtney. She had had it in for the so called perfect girl for a while now. She was sick and...
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posted by TditdaCourtney
Courtney's POV:

I'm in love.Thats all i can say that im in love!Duncan told me he loved me.I can't get his words out of my head.Well i have to go school and see my LOVER (Duncan)!!BUT HE FORGET OUR tarehe LAST NIGHT!!!

Duncan's POV:

OH MAN!I cant belive i told her i upendo her,but i do upendo her.*phone rings he grabs his phone and looks at it*Oh man it Gwen."Hello?!""Duncan its me Gwen""yeah yeah i know its u""Did u tell her""No,why was i spouse to""yes that was the plan""fine i'll tell her to night""ok fine.BYE!""bye"*hangs up"Oh Sh*t!!!

Courtney's POV:

*walking up to her*I can't believe i couldn't...
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(OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO SO SORRY! I JUST WAS SO BUSY AND NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS! I WON'T LET wewe DOWN AGAIN! for new people, DXC and DXG are broken up and Courtney is with a new guy named Andrew who is seemingly the "perfect" boyfriend and Duncan doesn't know what he thinks of it. Courtney is a lot different in things that don't have to do with competition, so that's why she's so nice.)
~in Courtney's room she is alone~
Courtney: *is fixing hair*
Duncan: *comes in through the window*
Courtney: Duncan? what are wewe doing here?
Duncan: my parents kicked me out....
Courtney: still wewe can't stay here!...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I threw the coffice cup on the floor and looked at duncan.

"I hate you! i never want to see wewe again!"

"Princess look!"I tried throwing his shoes at him but i stopped myself because i still upendo him."Princess we were trying to throw you.." I threw a plate at him he jumped in fear.

"I dont want to hear it duncan wewe throw sh*t at me when hearther won tdwt your viatu, ndala really then wewe been hanging out gwen for two months! what is she going to come to me saying im pregnant with.." He shut me up kwa kissing me.I pulled away.

"Princess look only reason ive been hanging out with gwen is because we were...
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posted by ILuvDxCgirl13
This is my first time uandishi a makala so maoni nicely plz.

Courtneys P.O.V: " COURTNEYYYYY! CLEAN UP THIS MESS!" yelled my stepmom Dina. " In a dakika Dina." man i wish my dad was still around instead of the wicked witch of the west coast and her evil flying monkey idiot daughters, Sam and Pam and they are not very smart at all, calling them monkeys is insulting to monkeys everywhere."NOT IN A MINUTE, NOWW!" I run to the mess and clean it up. " HURRY UP au wewe ARE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL." I catch a ride with my friend bridgette.
" So hows it goin?" "How do wewe think its?" "oh right."...
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Courtney`s POV:I`m so hungry and bored.I don`t think I`ve ever been this hungry and bored.I am going to die of starvation because of my brothers.They haven`t brought back anything for 2 weeks and I`ve been inside.I am just sitting in my room watching the sun rise and come into my room.I feel like I want to go outside but then again,people are outside in the daylight,and I`ll go bolistic and I`ll eat.I flopped down on my kitanda and held my stomach from growling.I walked over to the mirror and saw my eyes turn a bright yellowish-green."Aw-man."I said.I suddenly heard a knock on the door and sped over to it in a second.I looked out the door and saw my brothers standing there with a great buck.I smiled and brought them in.We ran out into the woods to eat and came nyumbani shortly afterward.
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courtney-when we get old duncan what do u think are life will be like??
duncan-well mabey we will live with each other in a rocking chairs talking about us when we were young.
courtney-same here baby *pets the cat nala*
duncan-what about nala?
courtney-what about here?
duncan-what do u think she will be like when she is old?
courtney-lying in her cat kitanda with her 2 kittens.
duncan-:) hehe wewe always made me laugh!!!
courtney-were is are made?
duncan-call her.
courtney-GWEN !!!!!!!!!!!
duncan-we got a new made?
courtney-ya gwen had to get a job to pay for the ring trent gave her (long story) so i let her...
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