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 To lose someone
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This Elena Gilbert picha contains picha, headshot, and closeup. There might also be kuvutia, rufaa, hotness, and mvuto.

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Elena was still in the hospital. She had traded the kitanda for the seat, which was much zaidi comfortable than the former.
The door opened and Damon came back with two coffees. He gave one to Elena and she took a sip, curling her nose.
“Is there alcohol in this?” she asked surprised.
“Oh, right, that’s mine” Damon apologized. “Sorry” He switched the cups and took a sip from his coffee with bourbon. “Why aren’t wewe in bed?” he asked a little accusatory.
“Damon, don’t start” Elena alisema in begging tone.
Damon shut his mouth and signaled that she had to get up. Elena pulled...
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Elena Gilbert
Vampire Diaries
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