There's zaidi to it than just their ice powers...
So, I've listed down the most logical reasons to ship Jelsa and why they would make a great match. Most non-Jelsa shippers think that we only ship them because of their magical abilities, but if so, why don't we ship them with other characters who have the abilities as well? Like Jack with Periwinkle from Tinkerbell: The Secret of The Wings au Elsa with Frozone from The Incredibles. Also, how would they know our reasons? They aren't Jelsa shippers, they wouldn't understand the concept.

Okay, moving on! Here's the 15 reasons that I find to be valid in shipping Jelsa...

1) They both have blue eyes.

2) Same light hair color

3) They both know what it's like to have fun.

4) They both have a younger sister.

5) They both loved their sister very much and sacrified things for them.

6) They are both the older sibling.

7) They know what it feels like to be alone.

8) They have ice powers.

9) They are both cold (literally).

10) They can both make fun things out of their powers. (Jack - Snow bunny; Elsa - Olaf and Marshmallow)

11) They both have a title: "The Spirit of Winter" & "The Snow Queen"

12) Their opposite personalities can bring out the best in each other.

13) Jack is isolated but Elsa chose to be isolated.

14) They're both single.

15) They just look adorable together. <3

There's zaidi to shipping Jelsa just for their ice powers. wewe just have to believe. :3