So I'll tell wewe why Rise of the Guardians and Frozen are alike.

1.) Anna and Tooth are similar

Both are sweet and caring. They care too much for their kingdom. Well yes, wewe never heard that much about Anna, but she has to go look for Elsa to save Arendelle. While Tooth Fairy wanted to save her vichimbakazi from Pitch.

2.) Elsa and Jack Frost are similar

Both are just so similar to each other. They are both very protective of their siblings and they both have ice powers. Also, Elsa and Jack were both alone for many years. Elsa was alone for 13 years while Jack was alone for 300 years.

3.) Kristoff and North are similar

Well xD They are both fat and all. This is really hard lol! I cannot judge a book kwa it's cover! I mean... seriously! Both also have a sleigh @_@

4.) Olaf and Sandy are similar

This is kinda harder than that one with Kristoff. Obviously, I think it is because they are at the same size and that is why they are similar xD Tell me if wewe see any zaidi similar between them

5.) Hans and Pitch are similar

Well, both Hans and Pitch want to take over something. Hans wanted to take over Arendelle while Pitch wanted to take over the world (He wants everyone to have fear) and they wanted to kill someone. Hans wanted to kill Anna and Elsa while Pitch wanted to kill all the guardians

6.) Sven and.. the reindeers are similar xD

Well, they are reindeers xD

7.) Uh.. The Duke and Bunny are similar @_@

Well, both are really serious and.. uh.. funny? XD Obviously, they are just always judging people XD Well, idk bye! XD