Did wewe know that "Jelsa" has already happened approx

35 years ago?!

Introducing : Jack Frost - a stop motion animated televisheni special that premiered on NBC on December 13, 1979

In this TV special, Jack Frost, an immortal winter sprite, falls in upendo with a human girl after rescuing her

Jack asks Father Winter if he can become human in order to be with her. Father Winter gives him a chance, but warns Jack must prove he can succeed a human, kwa earning a house, a horse, a bag of dhahabu and a wife kwa the first sign of spring

this Jack Frost has many parallels with ROTG Jack, that he is invisible, has other otherworldly friends, can fly with the wind, and of course, powers over snow and ice

Also, like ROTG Jack, he is all about winter fun and games, and is also quite mischievous

BUT WAIT! That is not all!

The chick he fell in upendo with... and ELSA!

1.) Long Blonde Hair
2.) Blue Eyes
3.) Her name is ELISA

ELISA=ELSA, merely a frikking letter way

yeah yeah, only difference is she is not royalty and has no powers but also, I should mention that their affections are mutual? Elisa is Jack's biggest fangirl, since she loves it whenever Jack brings in the first signs of winter, that she wanted to marry him if only he were real

although I won't spoil wewe how the rest of the story transpired (and WARNING : The ending is a downer) this is just a bit of interesting info that JELSA was actually a decades old ship that fanded int obscurity and then was forgotten over the years

and it's interesting that, since this old ship has echoes with the current Jelsa ship, especially in shabiki ideas and interpretations through fics and pics, it's sorta like "Jelsa" was actually predestined and therefore, meant to be

Obviously, Jelsa 1 and Jelsa 2 are not the same thing, especially since Elisa is a different person from Elsa. (and technically it's Jelisa but say it out loud and tell me if it doesn't sound the same as "Jelsa"), but I just want to spread this interesting tidbit. Fanficers can have some free plotbunnies now! Is Elsa the reincarnation of Elisa? Hmm?