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 Eminem Rap God Hip Hop Cotton hoodie sweater
Eminem Rap God Hip Hop Cotton hoodie sweater from link
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This Eminem picha might contain sweatshirt.

“I…I … I cant tell you,” wewe say softly.
“Yes wewe can,” she says with a smile as wewe walk towards home. wewe sigh then look down at the ground.
“Fine,” wewe say. “I’ll tell you, but not here, lets go over there!” wewe say and point towards the woods, wewe grab her arm and start to quickly walk towards the woods.
“Ahh, onyesha down!! What could be so secret that wewe have to drag me to the woods to tell me,” she says as wewe get to the woods and she gets away.
“Cause,” wewe say. “I’ll tell you, but wewe got to swear that wewe wont tell, my mom, au anybody, nobody at all!”...
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8 Mile (5/10) Movie CLIP - Cheddar Pulls a Gun (2002) HD
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