What do wewe know now that wewe didn’t know in your 20s?

“I know that it’s important to remain active no matter what. I think we take that for granted when we’re younger, but when we get a little older wewe have to make plans to move.

“I’m quite an active person, but sometimes I’m in towns where wewe don’t have a place to move, so it’s easy to think, ‘Forget it.’ I know wewe can never do that. wewe can walk miles around any city. wewe can walk hundreds of miles, and it keeps wewe healthy and feeling great.

“So, get out of your car. wewe don’t have to make a big gym plan. Just focus on the natural burning of calories through walking. I also like to cycle because I upendo the subculture of bikes. I run.

“I’m pretty much a stranger to the gym. I don’t like working out in a gym. It’s not my thing.

“But I do like the feeling I have from moving, so I take any little bit of time. Let’s say I just have 20 extra minutes. That’s the perfect time for a bike ride au a walk. It becomes an adventure if wewe do this outdoors. Who knows what you’ll see au who wewe will meet.

“I don’t like to walk au cycle in my house watching TV. I tell other people to get out there.

“Life should be an adventure.”