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Big news broke out earlier today with the news of SHINee’s Jonghyun confirmed to be dating actress Shin Se Kyung. The news took Korea kwa storm with it making the front page of newspapers and Shin Se Kyung having to close her Cyworld homepage due to many hate messages.

The term “BREAKING NEWS: SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are also confirmed to be dating” has been reblogged and retweeted so many times that it started an viral rumor that SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are dating. The rumor have left many mashabiki in disbelief with one shabiki saying, ‘Now Taemin and Sulli. If that happened I would jump off a bridge.’ Another shabiki tweeted, ‘I’ll be running down the mitaani, mtaa holding a kisu if SULLI and TAEMIN are dating!!’.

Taemin and Sulli have worked together previously for a CF and have been closely linked in the past, but Taemin revealed last mwaka that his ideal girl was Emma Watson.
f(x) Krystal in a magazine interview shows member Victoria deep affection In the magazine, f(x) Krystal said: “Whenever I see leader unnie having a hard time, want to give her a hug.Besides my family, in this world, unnie is the person I want to protect the most.“I wish unnie can be healthy and cherish her own body. Wish I can be there when unnie is sad to comfort her.” The journalist asks: Will Jessica get jealous? Krystal naughtily said: She’s already beginning to be jealous of Victoria unnie.

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f(x) gave some interesting majibu to the typical swali about their ideal type!

On the August 1st broadcast of 'Shindong's Shimshimtapa'

Krystal shared her ideal type "A guy who looks good with horn-rimmed glasses, a white t-shirt, jeans, and black hair. A guy who is fun and has his own signature scent."

Victoria also described her ideal guy "A tall guy who doesn't smoke, is clean, and looks good in white. A manly man who has a decently high nose and big hands. He doesn't need to be too handsome, but he has his own smell and a pretty muscular figure."

Luna shared "Lightly tan skin, full lips,...
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***Englsih Translation***

What do I do, unni?
Listen to what I say
I, unni, do not
Understand people

I'm always so clumsy
You only make fun of me
Am I really pretty?
You can say that I am

Make an original nickname
For example Goongdi Soondi
If wewe like it, raise your hand high
I'm really the NU ABO

Mystery, mystery
Don't know, don't know
I don't know yet
Basic, basic upendo formula
People's breakup formula

Hysteric, hysteric
Different, different
I'm too different
My way, my
Good, good, NU ABO*

Listen to what I say, unni
I'm in the trance
What are these feelings now
It's a first for me
My moyo is pounding
As if I'm dreaming...
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Nickhun’s virtual wife Victoria has a natural cuteness.. Victoria had appeared in Radio nyota and melted the hearts of the MCs through the super cuteness of “Oppa” “Hello? I am Pororo”.

WGM and Invincible Youth’s Victoria’s cuteness is even able to let the expressionless village chef be happy. Victoria’s cuteness has 3 ways and that is to have a cute expression, intonation and have a good skill of doing splits. It seems like wewe just have to turn the cuteness ‘on/off’ button and it will be like an automatic vending machine where it can shoot various ways of cuteness..

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Khuntoria, Nickhun Victoria Couple finally faces their 100th wedding anniversary and songesha to their newly married house

On the 100th anniversary of their ‘Wedding’ they got a new nyumbani already which makes peoples curious.

on the siku they moved to the new house, they had a simple mission, to make first homemade chakula on their new home.

Victoria tried chakula that nichkhun made, according to what victoria said, Nichkhun’s homemade chakula tastes something that cant be explained
mashabiki have been wondering where f(x) member Amber's whereabouts have been.

Recently, on online community sites. Photo's of Amber has been surfacing, according to the netizen who ilitumwa the photo, it was new photo's of amber and the picha was taken recently.

Amber is covering half of her face in the photo's and she is seen with a shorter hair.

mashabiki commented, "Amber I hope to see wewe soon on stage", "Please come back mashabiki are waiting for you".

Meanwhile, Amber has been away due to her leg injury and it was alisema she went back to the U.S. However, there are still no official statements on Amber's hivi karibuni whereabouts.
MNet reranks juu 30 best-looking idols

MNet has recently redone their kura ya maoni of the juu 30 best-looking idols. Last time they ran the poll, 2PM's Nichkhun was first, Kara's Koo Hara was 2nd, and SHINee's Minho was 3rd. However, things have changed now, with all the new stars popping up.

1: Kim Hyunjoong (SS501)
2: Nichkhun (2PM)
3: Koo Hara (Kara)
4: T.O.P. (Big Bang)
5: Choi Siwon (Super Junior)
6: Sandara Park (2NE1)
7: Choi Minho (SHINee)
8: Park Yoochun (DBSK)
9: Yoona (Girls’ Generation)
10: Thunder (MBLAQ)
11: Jungshin (C.N. Blue)
12: Yoon Doojoon (Beast)
13: Dongho (U-Kiss)
14: Sulli (f(x))
15: Heechul (Super Junior)
16: Sungje (Supernova)
17: Jaekyung (Rainbow)
18: Seulong (2AM)
19: Jiyeon (T-ara)
20: Taecyeon (2PM)
21: Sohee (Wonder Girls)
22: L (Infinite)
23: Suzy (Miss A)
24: Dongjoon (ZE:A)
25: Han Sunhwa (Secret)
26: G-Dragon (Big Bang)
27: Jooyeon (After School)
28: Niel (Teen Top)
29: Hyuna (4Minute)
30: Lee Hongki (F.T. Island)
f(x)’s Victoria was stood up kwa a 20-year-old college student in LA, leaving her in a state of much embarrassment.

After receiving a rather difficult mission on an episode of MBC’s “f(x) Koala,” the members began to panic and started looking around USC in order to ask a student for help.

While Victoria was charming the students with her outgoing personality, a 20-year-old male student appeared and offered to help. All of a sudden, he ditched her without any reason au explanation, embarrassing Victoria in front of the other members.

Sulli also showed desperation in order to succeed on their mission kwa screaming “Help me!” in the middle of campus with teary eyes.

The episode can be seen on the afternoon of October 16th at MBC Every1.
In a battle between miss A’s Suzy and f(x)’s Sulli for the title of cutest girl group maknae, Sulli managed to capture the hearts of netizens in a survey held kwa nyota News ,which asked, “Who’s cuter? Girl group maknae battle,” on Style M.

The kura ya maoni ended on October 15th with a total of 1,093,156 participants. Results revealed that 68% of the netizens voted for Sulli.

Sulli is currently the group maknae, along with Krystal, in f(x), while Suzy is earning the upendo of mashabiki as miss A’s maknae. Both members represent “cuteness” in their respective groups, an important role in helping...
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Pictures of f(x)’s Krystal in America have been generating interest amongst netizens.

The f(x) members are currently participating in MBC Every1’s new show, “f(x) Koala,” where they visit different countries and spread the knowledge of Korea and its culture.

The girls recently visited Los Angeles and uploaded pictures from their trip through the official Twitter for “Koala.” Krystal’s pictures especially have captured the attention of netizens due to her natural style and beautiful body.
After inaonyesha the world that she and Super Junior’s Heechul are close labelmates, f(x)’s Sulli followed up a few days later kwa uploading a picture of herself at “Kim Heechul’s Young Street” radio center with fellow group member Luna.

She ilitumwa the picture her me2day with the caption, “I became SulHee for our Hee-oppa.” She continued, “Hee-oppa must have been listened to the broadcast. He called us suddenly for emergency therapy. Thank you! Hee-brother is the best! Awesome day!”

Netizens wrote, “Sulli’s radio is so cute!“, “Strong SM line bond~<3″, and even compared the two’s bond to MC Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Hyori’s “National Family” title.
While receiving a lot of attention for their own variety onyesha for five member girl group, f(x), rumors have been circulating around amongst fans, saying group member, Amber, has already quit.

f(x)’s first reality variety show, “f(x)’s Koala” which will soon start to broadcast on MBC Every1, will reveal the various cultural experiences of the members while in LA, Tokyo, and other world famous cities, which will no doubt be an extreme type of “real variety” for Korean audiences.

However, only four of the members of the group, excluding Amber, will be featured in the program. Because...
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f(x)’s Victoria has been known for having great cooking skills, especially when she prepared a nine dish meal for 2PM’s Nichkhun on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’. On September 30th, Victoria shared about her experience making kimchi kitoweo, mchuzi for the first time on her me2day. She posted,

“Hello, how are you? ^^ Victoria has been wanting to eat kimchi dishes lately… So she cooked kimchi stew~~ Even Luna alisema that it was tasty~ 1st kimchi kitoweo, mchuzi success!! Everyone make sure to eat your meals”

Netizens who saw the picha said, “Victoria is even a good cook, I don’t think there is anything she can’t do“, “It really looks tasty“, and “Best future daughter-in-law“.
Most of the idol girl groups seem to be cheering and supporting the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup.

T-ara and Kara have both released muziki video for their World Cup songs, and 4minute has released picha from a World Cup themed photoshoot. But along with 4minute, f(x) has also decided to participate in a World Cup themed photoshoot.

In the photoshoot, all five of the girls are sporting red ‘Cheer Korea‘ t-shirts that were designed kwa K-Swiss. The girls are decked out in Korean pride as they’re dressed in red, wearing face paint, holding pom-poms, and even wearing Red Devil horns.

F(x) has been the face for the brand K-Swiss since last mwaka and even has their own line for the SS season called f(x) line.

zaidi pictures will be released on the 11th through the brand’s blog.
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Luna's real name is Park Sun Young.Her birthday is August 12, 1993.Her Hobbies au Specialties are Singing, Chinese, Dance. she was Casted on 2006 SM Casting System.SM recruited Luna after seeing her performing on a televisheni program. She have a golden voice among the f(x)'s members. She has an overflowing charisma among the members. when she dyed her hair blond everybody thinks her looks suited for her and calling her godess. They alisema that she is shining as her name, the moon. She is Kim Jong Min's inayopendelewa f(x) member. She has a twin and an older brother.
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Krystal Jung (Korean name: Jung Su-jung; Hangul: 정수정; Hanja: 鄭秀晶; born October 24, 1994), better known mononymously as Krystal, is a Korean-American pop singer and commercial model. Discovered kwa SM Entertainment in 2000, she began filming for commercials and muziki video kwa 2002. She is currently a member of the Korean quintet dance group f(x), formed kwa SM Entertainment in 2009.

Krystal was born in San Francisco, California, where her family from South Korea settled in the 1980s. During a family trip to South Korea in early 2000 when Krystal was five, she was spotted kwa talent...
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Victoria Song (born February 2, 1987), better known mononymously as Victoria, is a Chinese pop singer and model active in South Korea. She was first introduced as an upcoming artist from SM Entertainment and modeled for several Korean brands, such as Spris, Anycall, and Samsung in early 2008. In August 2009, she was introduced as the leader of quintet dance group, f(x).

Victoria was born in Qingdao, Shandong on February 2, 1987. Before she set foot in Korean Entertainment, she was (and still is) a big shabiki of famous singer Kang Ta, as a loyal fan, she followed KangTa through shabiki meetings and...
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The lovable Jung sisters (Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal) are back again, and this time, they have come mbele as doppelgangers!

Krystal shared on her Instagram, “Can’t deny we look alike :P,” along with a selca of her and her older sister giving the same puppy face to the camera. They dressed alike as well in cream-colored chiffon dresses. Krystal also showed upendo for her sister on National Siblings Day, leaving mashabiki smiling at their sisterly bond.

mashabiki agreed with Krystal and shared, “I can’t decide who’s prettier between them,” and “Their parents must be so proud.”
After TEEN juu mashabiki donated a bathroom, f(x)‘s mashabiki have stepped up to donate a well in Cambodia in the girls’ name.

On December 11th, Amber retweeted picha of the well in Cambodia, writing,

Amber J. Liu@llama_ajol
F(X) WELL!! LEGIT!!! @amber_wa: Construction of the donated well just got finished! So cool!! f(x) water yo!! “@amber_wa: wewe can see each member's name on the banner!

The well was built kwa f(x) mashabiki for families who are suffering without clean, running water in Cambodia. The plaque at the well reads, ‘Asia pop dance group f(x)‘ and also lists the f(x) member names in order kwa age.

Amber expressed her excitement and pride for the well, enthusiastically tweeting, “Our mashabiki went all out! They’re so thoughtful!!“