Fairy Tail is a anime onyesha that's very popular. This review is about if the adventures of Lucy and her Marafiki are worth checking out.

The Plots:

The onyesha is focused on Lucy, a young girl who becomes a member of the fairy tail guild. She joins a team led kwa Erza. The other members are Natsu, Gray, and Happy. Wendy and Carla joined much later into the show. Lucy and her Marafiki protect Earth from various villains.

It's hard to talk about the show's plots, because it's not a very plot filled show. The onyesha keeps changing up storylines and villains. The plots that the onyesha has aren't that complex au interesting not counting some exceptions. However the onyesha does a good job at combining action and comedy which makes the onyesha fun.

The Characters:

Lucy seems to get the most complexity of the characters. The onyesha is pretty much her show. She may have some negative qualities, but I think that was intentional. She's a example of how even someone with flaws can be a hero. Because of her complexity she's the best of the main characters. The other main characters lack complexity, but they're pretty good characters. Natsu and Gray are cool and funny and Erza is a good leader. Happy is a comedy relief that I dislike. Recurring characters that I really like are the adorable Juvia and the charming Loke.

The Animation:

The uhuishaji is quite good. Several characters have unique and cool designs. It's impressive looking. ujumla, jumla it's pretty impressive.


The onyesha lacks the amazing storylines that Tamayura and Code Geass have, but this onyesha is a good combination of action and comedy. Plus it has some good characters. I think that the onyesha is worth checking out.