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 Snow-White & Rose-Red
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Source: Jessie Wilcox Smith, 1911
Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot, collected in The Brothers Grimm and also put to the written tale kwa Charles Perrault in the 17thc.
rose red
ungrateful dwarf
fairy tales
classic story
brothers grimm
charles perrault
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This Fairy Tales & Fables picha might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

faerie tale theater
Starring Susan Sarandon as Beauty.
faerie tale theater
Beauty and the Beast
faerie tale theater
the snow Queen
Starring Elizabeth McGovern as Snow White, Vincent Price as the Magic Mirror/Narrator, and Vanessa Redgrave as the evil Queen.
faerie tale theater
snow white
Featuring Billy Crystal (Smart Pig) and Jeff Goldblum (the Wolf).
faerie tale theater
three little pigs
 Do non-Ariel mermaids exist anymore? They do, here in the Fairy Tales & Fables Spot!
Do non-Ariel mermaids exist anymore? They do, here in the Fairy Tales & Fables Spot!
This is a simple request I ask of fellow mashabiki of the fairy tales & fables spot: if wewe can, try to refrain from bombarding this spot with Disney-related links, videos, and picha and instead expand what wewe consider the 'classic' fairytales and fables. While it is true that sinema do rely as much on fairytales and fables as vitabu of yore did, the commercialization of Disney's versions of these classic tales overwhelm the vibrant worlds of Mother Goose, Aesop's Fables, and Hans Christian Andersen. I wonder how many children are unaware that the traditional Little Mermaid had our fishy protagonist...
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