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 Gray101, Naoi's sekunde troll account
Gray101, Naoi's second troll account
Many of wewe Fanpoppers must know of Naoi. She is one of the worst Troll's I have ever come across on Fanpop. She has abused a lot of users and has 30 accounts, 7 of which are gone.

It all started of on the account called Naoi. She ilitumwa picha in wrong klabu and abused a few users. She was reported and suspended, but then she came back as Gray101. On this account, she started abusing zaidi users and aliiba ikoni of a fanpopper called DarkCruz360. She also kept reporting stuff in DarkCruz360's shabiki club. She then made the accounts 14Kenpachi, Renji6, Hei13 and Ichigo176. Eventually, the account...
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