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 This is me, as I appear today
This is me, as I appear today
Many of my soapboxes focus on me, myself and I. Some of wewe may not enjoy it. Others may find it repetitive. To you, I say, P*** Off. Its cheaper than therapy.

Todays Soapbox contains a little life story:

Be careful of the way wewe treat others- it could be harmful.

Let me elaborate...

I work as a volunteer youth leader in a small community. We meet every 2nd Friday in a local GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association)hall. The club runs for any 12-18 mwaka olds attending secondary school that are living in the surrounding area.

I came up through the ranks of this austere association. I started at 12 as a...
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just thought I would pop back in and say hi (long time I know) anyways thought I would share with some of wewe guys that im still up to crazy antics and say howdy to any of the oldies that remember me :D
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This makala is the first of a series, and was most recently updated on 6 March 2008.

I'd been planning on profiling the various people who'd been selected kwa the fanpop users as "Fans of the Fortnight" for months, but it was only after link that I took any time to do so. I started my initial inquiries back in January, followed kwa fact-checking and quote-gathering from other users. The problem was, I figured that news travels fast in the fanpop world, and I didn't want any recipients feeling slighted that I hadn't asked them for an I interviewed them all at once. What resulted...
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 Maswali yanayoulizwa stands for Frequently Asked maswali
FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions
This Maswali yanayoulizwa was first published on April 23rd 2008 and was last updated October 27th 2008

Hello there fellow Fanpoppers. Most of wewe know me as the person who makes the shabiki Of The Fortnight maswali and from time to time, Fanpoppers will ask me maswali about in either maoni au messages. This Maswali yanayoulizwa is here to try and answer all of those questions. If wewe have any maswali to add please do so at the bottom and they shall be incorporated in to the article.

1. Who started shabiki Of The Fortnight?
link created a Pick called link back in May 2007 in the fanpop spot. link then made the first ever link...
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