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Okay, first off, that title is a lie.

Based on the way things are going with the new club update feature so far, I thought we could use some guidelines. These are not official, they are merely suggestions on how to decide on a new ikoni au banner as a team. Only large klabu have the new suggestion options, so there are thousands of people there whose opinions count! (Not that smaller spots aren't valuable, wewe guys rock just as hard.) The suggested steps for changing a club's look are the same up until Step 3 for both large klabu with the new kura ya maoni feature, and smaller ones with user-run kura za maoni for change.

It's important to remember that fanpop is a community, and should do things as a group. Randomly starting a kura ya maoni for a new icon, banner au background is rude to other club members. Making ikoni and banners takes time, and the first options (likely made kwa the person who started the poll) are aliyopewa the unfair advantage of being there the longest. Early voters aren't likely to check back in every siku to see if new options have been added. Following these steps will help ensure that everyone has a fair chance to participate and that all options are aliyopewa the same amount of consideration. (It'll also keep wewe from getting yelled at.) Now, let's get to it, eh?

Step 1: Ask the fans!
Make a kura ya maoni to determine if the club even WANTS a new icon, banner au background.

I usually leave this kura ya maoni up for a week, unless the results are overwhelmingly in favor of one option au another after a few days.

If the club kura no, try again in a few months. If the club kura yes, proceed to step 2.

 Step 1: Ask if anyone wants a change.
Step 1: Ask if anyone wants a change.

Step 2: foramu & Advertisements
Create a foramu for suggestions from other users. link is a hivi karibuni example of a spot makeover that went smoothly, if you'd like to see how that goes.

I like to leave a suggestion foramu open for a week au two. If it's a small spot with just a few participants, just a week will probably do. Users can always ask for zaidi time on submission foramu I start. You'll need to include the dimensions of the ikoni and banner in your foramu post. ikoni are square and 100x100 pixels au larger. Banners are 800x100 pixels, au a size that scales down to that. (1600x200, 2400x300, etc.) This is important, because picha that are not those dimensions will be stretched when uploaded to the spot, and that ain't pretty.

 Step 2a: Create a foramu for suggestions.
Step 2a: Create a foramu for suggestions.

 Step 2b: Be sure to include icon/banner dimensions and a submission deadline!
Step 2b: Be sure to include icon/banner dimensions and a submission deadline!

It's also a good idea to tangaza the suggestions forum, in case someone missed the initial poll. The most effective ways to do that are viungo and polls, but adding a ukuta post too wouldn't hurt. viungo are probably the best way, because adding viungo to a club bumps it to the front of the mosaics on user profiles. This lets users know that something is going on in a club even if they've overlooked it in their updates, especially for inactive spots.

 Step 2c: Advertise! Here's an example of advertising in a link.
Step 2c: Advertise! Here's an example of advertising in a link.

 Step 2c: Here's an example of advertising in a poll. This kura ya maoni should end before the official icon/banner vote begins.
Step 2c: Here's an example of advertising in a poll. This kura ya maoni should end before the official icon/banner vote begins.

 Step 2c: An advertisement on the club's wall, juuust in case.
Step 2c: An advertisement on the club's wall, juuust in case.

Step 3: Voting & Change
Once everyone has imewasilishwa their creations, this is where it can get a little tricky...

If you're voting in sets, make a graphic with all the options paired together. Then wewe can create your kura ya maoni and link to the image in the comments, so users can see it all at once and pick the set they like most. I've found that this is the fastest and simplest way, as it only requires one kura ya maoni and it's very unlikely that the club will end up with a mismatched set. (I'm not quite sure how to accomplish this with the new voting feature for large klabu yet.)

If users didn't submit their graphics as sets (or if you're running the contest in a large spot with the special polls), I prefer to vote for the banner first. It's larger, it took zaidi work, and it's easier for users modify their ikoni to work with the new banner instead of vice versa. After the new banner is determined (a week should be enough time if it's a small club, fanpop sets its own deadline for kura za maoni in large clubs), it's time to pick an icon. What I like to do for these is to pair each ikoni contender with the winning banner in one graphic, so users can see what each ikoni will look like with the new banner. Link to it in the maoni of the ikoni poll. This doesn't guarantee a matching set, but it helps reduce the Clash of the Graphics that often happens when the ikoni and banner kura run simultaneously.

Unless the spot in need of a change doesn't have an ikoni au banner at all, wewe should include the current ones in the polls.

The special kura za maoni for large klabu are monitored kwa fanpop, so wewe don't need to do anything once those are over. If you're overseeing a change in a smaller spot without that options, a moderator will help wewe with the change if wewe ask nicely and provide viungo to the suggestion foramu and the winning polls. (link is my go-to Mod.)

Told wewe the title was a lie.
As wewe can see, there's a lot zaidi to changing a club's look than just clicking a link and uploading an image. It takes a responsible user willing to put in the time and effort of organizing, advertising, making sure everyone is included and following the guidelines, and in the case of smaller spots, reporting the results to a moderator. If wewe can't handle that, please leave the job of overseeing a spot change to someone who can. There's no shame in letting someone zaidi experienced take the reins!
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Recently I just discovered what the Wiki feature was for. And upon searching, most seem to not know what its purpose is and therefore don't care about it. Never fear, I'm here. It's been approximately never since I wrote an informative makala so wewe are all in for quite the treat!

"It's a glorified article."
I've seen several maoni that Wikis are a "glorified article", insinuating that what wewe can and would put in a Wiki, wewe can and would put in an article. That is simply not true. See below for example.

Above is what wewe can do with an article. That is noticeably missing when you...
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Hello fanpopers,
I am Iti and I am really glad to announce that few days zamani I took a short interview of one of the Fanpop's creator Dave P. who is maarufu here kwa his jina la mtumiaji Papa. It was great taking interview of one of the most loved F4 member ( I am sure he's most loved member) It was an amazing experience so thanks papa for giving me your precious time. I won't was much of your time. Here's the interview:

<i>Q.1 How did wewe got the idea of making the site as this site is really different.

Dave Lu and I were brainstorming different ideas back in 2005. One thing we really liked at...
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I've been around a group where many people out of nowhere "call out" many other members of the website for behavior that existed OUTSIDE of Fanpop. I wanted to kindly suggest fanpop to add a rule but I've been personally attacked for it, including off topic disgusting claims which for example claim (maybe) I am for a "propaganda" that wants to violate children sexually (WTF!!!!!!), and this is depression. I had to futa my ukuta post in order to futa such disgusting comments. (which is another problem "not being able to futa comments" under things I post.)
One of the most saddest things...
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I did it again.

I accidentally hit the "start chat" tab again.

And couldn't remember how make it go away.

I've had this problem a few times before and have to re-learn it every time.

For some reason, I'm always under the impression that the solution lies under my profaili settings.

It does not.

So now there is an makala to remind me, and anyone else who needs it, how to get rid of this dang thang.


Step 1: Under the "contacts" tab, click "I am online." The words, not the pencil. If wewe click the pencil, it will complicate things and you'll have to reload the page.


Step 2: Click "Log out."

 Anddd we're back to normal. Carry on.
Anddd we're back to normal. Carry on.

It's not the most obvious way out, but it's easy once wewe finally remember how to do it, so I hope this helps cut down on some frustration. (If not for you, at least for me inayofuata time I accidentally open it and frantically tafuta for a solution. =P)
Most Important Crowdfunding Lesson For Filmmakers kwa Don Swanson via
independent filmmaking
Official muziki video © 1986 For all of our missing (online) friends. Friendship lasts forever!
Marafiki will be Marafiki
muziki video
friendship song
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...OMG PORN! No, just kidding. I wanted wewe to click this article.

We all know (or at least I hope we know) that fanpop is a porn-free, happy, rainbow-colored PG-13 land. (whether wewe like it au not is not the topic of discussion here - we shall accept it as it is)
What's great is that we can still manage to have a sex spot and a breast spot which are clean. No pictures of nipples, no porn gifs, no hardcore anal porn videos.

Now what's the bad part?
I've seen it rather often lately that some user just mentioned words like "porn" au "nudity" and a very angry mob of users was ready to drown...
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This section of my fanpop User Guide describes how to create a club on Fanpop, and was last substantively edited on 4 June 2013.

Covered in this article:
Determining need
Creating a club

Determining need
So, wewe are a shabiki of some topic and want to post a bunch of viungo for it, right? Before wewe create a club for it, wewe need to make sure that there isn't already a club that covers that territory. Duplicate klabu get reported and may eventually be removed from the site, so this is important: always perform a thorough search for your topic before wewe create a new club!


At least two searches should...
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